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The 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party – The Smallest State’s Biggest Hemp Fest!

The cold weather broke just in time for the Rhode Island General Assembly to come to an end. Though they left much on the table this year, including a fiscal budget, labeling bill and the latest legalization bill, can you really blame them for abruptly closing the doors in anticipation of such an exciting summer? […]

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NE Cannabis Convention Comes to PVD: Now with Video

Advertised as “the largest cannabis business event in Rhode Island,” the Providence show of the Boston-based New England Cannabis Convention is scheduled for two days, Saturday and Sunday (May 16-17) at the Rhode Island Convention Center. The organizers promised over 60 vendors and two dozen speakers in hourly panels. They also hold similar shows in […]

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In Their Own Words: Nancy A. DeNuccio, Ocean State Prevention

What do you think would be the advantages of being the first state in New England to legalize? I do not think there would be any advantages to Rhode island becoming the first state in New England to legalize recreational marijuana. What do you think the disadvantages would be? Disadvantages outweigh the advantages.  The verdict […]

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