Terpene Daydream: Learn how this powerful plant part contributes to healing

Terpenes, fondly referred to as “terps,” are fragrant compounds in plants, and in the case of cannabis, they can be found alongside THC and CBD inside the plant’s trichome glands. They contribute to the plant’s medicinal properties and along with flavonoids, are responsible for the aromas that plant gives off. In fact, terpenes are the […]

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Acting Up: Our expert provides a primer on cannabis activism

Cannabis legalization is not inevitable, and recent progress is in large part thanks to the hard work of drug policy activists and advocates for medical marijuana who for decades haven’t stopped fighting for the rights of cannabis users in the face of victories and defeats alike. I became involved in cannabis activism back in college when […]

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How Green Is Your Green? The impact of the cannabis industry on the environmental crisis

Our environment is under attack from all angles, so each one of us must be conscious of and responsible about the products, businesses and business practices we support, and aware of the environmental impact of the things we perpetuate with our purchases. When we opt to utilize cannabis products to treat ailments instead of synthetic […]

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Smoking Hot: Our expert tells you how to take your sexual experiences higher with cannabis

Cannabis has a long history of being used to enhance the human sexual experience. Since 700 BC in India, a cannabis drink has been used to heighten sensation and prolong arousal so people can achieve spiritual awakening while engaging in tantric sex focused on “oneness.” In Eastern Europe, cannabis-infused lamb’s fat has been given to […]

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Cannabis: Doctor, Doctor!: Prohibition causes people dealing with medical conditions to needlessly suffer

With the increasing cost of healthcare and the prevalence of chronic disease in the United States, it’s really no surprise that many people have decided to take their health into their own hands and look for better alternatives to modern Western medicine. Science has proven that cannabis is an excellent option; it’s natural, effective and has […]

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Opinion: Governor’s Proposal to Legalize Recreational Cannabis – A Self-Inflicted Wound

[See also, “News Analysis: RI to Legalize Recreational Cannabis,” Jan 16, 2019] The more I talk to people on both sides of RI Governor Gina Raimondo’s proposal to legalize recreational cannabis, the more pessimistic I become that anything at all can be passed by the General Assembly: the proposal is almost custom-crafted to displease everyone and […]

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News Analysis: RI to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

[See also “Opinion: Governor’s Proposal to Legalize Recreational Cannabis – A Self-Inflicted Wound”, Jan 16, 2019] Gov. Gina Raimondo will soon formally propose to legalize recreational use of cannabis, citing pressure from legalization already accomplished in Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont; and from legalization widely regarded as imminent in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Norman Birenbaum, of […]

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Ganja Gifting: Don’t let their holiday dreams go up in smoke

When thinking of your favorite cannabis consumers this holiday season, there are several aspects of ganja gift-giving to keep in mind. First and foremost, it must be emphasized that cannabis needs to be stored properly to maintain its integrity and medicinal efficacy. Secondly, tolerance levels and preferential methods vary widely from person to person. Those […]

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Cannabis: No Smokescreen Here: Students for Sensible Drug Policy moves the conversation forward

Student movements have been integral to the political and social progression of American culture. From Vietnam to Parkland, from the fight for civil rights to the war on drugs, young people have been one of the driving forces behind concrete policy changes and cultural shifts. The energy that students and young people bring to social […]

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