Rico Lanni

Stoner’s Day Out: A “comprehensive” guide of where to go when you’re high on marijuana

If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve probably found yourself in this scenario: You’ve got your freshly packed bowl, or joint, or whatever, and the living room couch just isn’t hitting the same way it normally does. You’re a little stoned but you’re craving a little more substance than binging that show you’ve already seen three […]

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I Ain’t Got No Strains On Me: What to look for when you’re looking for flower

Sativa Green Fire OG Grower: Mammoth RI Details: 70/30 Sativa dominant mix of Green Cure and Fire OG Look & Smell: Light and fluffy with big trichomes giving off a note of green apple Taste: Big citrus notes up top with a spicy/floral flavor in the back Effects: Soothing head-high that definitely increases the appetite […]

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Bud Battle: Cultivating excellence in a growing competition

Greenleaf Compassion Center is hosting their third annual “Battle of the Buds,” a competition between 30 of RI’s cannabis cultivators. This contest is their way of showcasing the fantastic growers throughout the state while promoting some friendly competition.  Greenleaf Chief of Staff Ted Newcomer Jr. states that the contest isn’t just about highlighting the growers […]

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Greenleaf gets the Green Light: Dispensary Review

In the brief time that cannabis has been legal(ish – for recreational use in MA, and in Rhode Island for medical marijuana card holders), visiting a dispensary has gone from something incredibly foreign to even a veteran cannabis-user to something we have pre-set expectations for, like any other purchasing experience.  When you walk into the […]

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