Stoner’s Day Out: A “comprehensive” guide of where to go when you’re high on marijuana

If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve probably found yourself in this scenario: You’ve got your freshly packed bowl, or joint, or whatever, and the living room couch just isn’t hitting the same way it normally does. You’re a little stoned but you’re craving a little more substance than binging that show you’ve already seen three times. Well don’t worry, because the highest minds at Motif have assembled a list of stoner-friendly experiences throughout the state. Now we’re not saying go to these places and spark up, but these are places every smot-poker is sure to enjoy, so grab a DD and get ready for the perfect places for a Stoner’s Day Out™.

Looking for some eats:

Atmosphere Café

Located in East Providence, this restaurant offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch options as well as their own CBD tinctures. Their outdoor patio is a blaze-safe-zone, so feel free to consume with discretion. Whether you’re stopping by in the morning for their “Wake and Bake” special or stopping by for the Golden Hour from 4 to close for a CBD mocktail, this place is the ultimate smoke and snack spot.They also host a ton of different cannabis-friendly events such as Paint and Puff Nights, cannabis themed tasting dinners and a bunch of other cool stuff. Definitely follow them on social media to get updates on the latest happenings or subscribe to their “License To Chill” program for some special treatment on each visit.

Atmosphere Cafe 287 Taunton Ave, East Providence.

California Taco

When the munchies are hitting hard, nothing hits back harder than California Taco. As the name suggests, they have amazing tacos in a range of options and styles. I also “highly” recommend the chimichangas and roll tacos for those of you on the “Michael Phelps diet.” They’ve got ten locations throughout the state, so find the nearest one when you need to fill the bottomless pit your stomach has magically transformed into. Get stoned, get there, and get full.

California Taco locations in Providence, Pawtucket, Johnston, Woonsocket, Warwick, West Warwick, and Cranston

Places to Chill:

Colt State Park

If you want the classic RI outdoors experience when you’re feeling euphoric, Colt State Park is the place to be. You can roam for hours on their paved paths and hiking trails while taking in a scenic view of Narragansett Bay. The East Bay Bike Path also travels right through the park if you’re in it for the long haul or feel like making your way over to downtown Bristol. 

Colt State Park Route 114, Bristol.

Prospect Terrace Park

Best view in the state. There, I said it. Found on the East Side, overlooking Providence, this small park offers an unforgettable view of the city. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of zoning out for longer than I should’ve while drinking in the awesome city skyline. Bonus points that it’s a walk away from downtown Providence and Thayer Street, so plenty of places to swing by after your visit. Head on over and pretend you’re getting high with HP Lovecraft’s ghost.

Prospect Terrace Park 60 Congdon St, PVD.

Stoner Stuff to Do:

Dame Farm and Orchard

Tucked away in Johnston, this is one of the most picturesque farms in the state. With fields filled with beautiful tulips in the spring, and a wider range of flowers through the following months, this farm is the perfect place to grab some local flowers and produce. Definitely a great spot for some sweet views to live that Instagram dream. There’s also some awesome nature trails right next door if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Dame Farm and Orchard 91B Brown Ave, Johnston.

Fantastic Umbrella Factory

One of the funkiest places in South County, The Fantastic Umbrella Factory has everything you’re looking for in a quick stoner getaway: beautiful gardens, interesting trees, small-unique shops, roaming chickens and ducks, EMUS! This place truly has it all. The expanse of shops have tons of cool trinkets and locally crafted items to peruse for hours (or minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell). Stop in, grab some candy at the general store, and traverse the grounds for a truly unique experience.

Fantastic Umbrella Factory 4820 Old Post Rd, Charlestown.