What Cheer Records + Vintage To Make Black Friday Fun

When you hear the words Black Friday, horrific images might float around in your head. Crazed parents trying to find that new hot toy for their spoiled kids, people camped outside of Walmart for hours before the doors open and retail workers praying for their sanity while they deal with droves of customers until their shift […]

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Support Local Shops and the Community: Small Business Saturday and Buy Nothing Day

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gained mainstream traction, but the slightly lesser known Small Business Saturday (started by American Express, oddly enough) is a great event that supports the local economy directly.  Most Mom and Pop owners work at their store, have an undying passion for the products they’re selling, and are usually happy […]

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Follow Your Nose to Providence Perfume Company

When Providence Perfume Company owner Charna Ethier offered to let me sample an all-natural perfume whose ingredients list included some obscure thing called “ambergris,” I was initially a bit skeptical. I remembered hearing once that they put skunk urine in some perfumes (is that true?). But I was also overwhelmingly optimistic. This was over a […]

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Rhode Island Rustic: The Perfect Gift for the Modern Tree Hugger

Have a sustainability minded  interior designer type on your holiday gift list? You might want to check Rhode Island Rustic out. Whether you’re a lifelong Rhode Islander, a seasonal visitor or just driving through, you’ll find no shortage of state pride, natural appreciation and environmental values in this brand. It might even offset your carbon […]

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Provlandia: Urban Agriculture on the West End

If you are what you eat, then West Enders are hyper-local, fresh and progressive. Providence has been on a long and interesting urban agricultural trip that hasn’t even begun to peak. Although it’s not a new concept, urban gardening and farming has been gaining momentum in the city over the past decade or so, especially […]

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