A West Side Story

Long ignored by many in favor of the italophile strip just north, the West Side of Providence is considered by many to be the city’s up-and-coming place to live, eat and drink. We’re talking about the stretch of land south of Federal Hill, but everything on and north of Westminster. To the west, it’s carved […]

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Eat Your Way Through the Animal Kingdom at the Newport Jerky Company

If you are the kind of person who goes to the zoo and thinks, “I wonder what that son-of-a-bitch tastes like,” then the Newport Jerky Company is for you. I am a self-confessed jerky addict. Maybe it’s the chewy texture. Maybe it’s the spicy taste. Whatever it is, I’ll eat jerky every chance I get. […]

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Hope Springs

“Hope St. has everything you could really want, right here.” Says Aaron Lentz, who has been working at Hope St. Pizza for 8 years, and who has lived in the neighborhood his whole life. Admittedly, he’s biased. But he lays out the local landscape well. “You have your restaurants and bars – they’re night-life friendly, […]

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Modern Antiquing

Antiquing: Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. For someone else. But before you judge too harshly, think beyond a stereotyped collection of scuffed bread boxes and threadbare furniture best described as farmhouse chic. Several antique shops have adopted an organization plan where separate vendors set up their own booths within the store. These booths […]

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