I woke up today 

With my emotions swaying a different way.

The sun is shining but the shadows are in the way.

How can I see the sky of blue when my eyes are always gray?

How can I look forward to tomorrow when yesterday is always today?

How can I stop the tears 

When the rain is always falling?

How can I stop the demons from always calling?

Why do I feel shame and not the glory?

Because when I open the book it’s just a scary story

Sometimes I get into a head on collision with a flashback vision.

When the winds of life are too strong to walk against.

I sometimes stay in place waiting for my emotional apocalypse.

I walked in dirt, 

I stepped in crap

You can never tell because I hide it well.

I hide behind the Thalia masks.

Always happy,

But yet always sad,

My life for me is bearable enough.

Even when the fight is tough

For others fighting.

I make it sharable.

Even when our fight is a misunderstanding.

Just remember

Against our demons

We are the last ones standing.

  • Joaquim Manuel ©October 2021