Child’s Play

Ever wanted to learn a second language, but didn’t know where to start? Ryan Dean, owner of LUMUKU, might have the answer. His playfully illustrated bilingual playing cards and matching games, called Half + Medio, give foreign language learners a simple, fun and whimsical way to pick up a few words.

Dean spent five summers in Istanbul, teaching English to Turkish children, and when he returned to RI, he sought a way to continue helping people learn languages in an accessible way. “Culture and language is so often used as a way to divide people,” Dean says about the philosophy behind his business. “These games instead break down barriers and bring cultures together.”

LUMUKU card games can be found at Frog and Toad on the West Side, Books on the Square in PVD and at Watch for bilingual versions of Spoons and Go Fish to arrive this fall. Follow Dean on Instagram