Climate Strike 2019

The climate strike held at the State House was the first public and global protest that I attended since turning 18, legally an adult. And that shift changed my thought process and the way my brain wrapped itself around everything happening at the State House that day. 

What I realized, or I should say what was reestablished, was the fact that children and young adults really are running the show. By me changing my age by one year, I’m no longer part of that “child” group. I’m an adult.        

So going forward, I won’t be looking up to the adults in charge in the world. I’ll be looking to the youth. Not only looking to the youth, but looking to them with understanding that I never received while trying to make change as a technical youngster. Greta Thunberg woke people up to the truth; the young generation is making the real differences we all want to see, but just haven’t worked hard for. 


Witnessing the students protesting at the event made me feel hope, something I haven’t felt in a while in regard to climate crisis. Children leaders and global activists are going to make that difference. All we can do is try to follow in their lead.