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COSMIC CAPSULE: Monsanto – Quite a Monster

monsantoHoroscope decides business success

A lot of folks don’t agree with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that corporations have the same rights as human beings. Human or not, corporations do have horoscopes. Financial astrologers often use the date and time of a stock’s first trade to predict fluctuations in a stock’s price. But to learn what is going on inside the company itself, a horoscope for the date and time of incorporation is used. Studying the transits to that chart provides a way to gauge the ups and downs of a company.

Monsanto was founded by John Francis Queeny who filed incorporation papers in Jefferson City, Missouri, on November 29, 1901. The company is famous — or infamous — for GMOs PCBs, Agent Orange, Dioxin, and a host of health scandals and environmental disasters. If you’ve ever wondered why they are still in business, a look at the horoscope explains a lot.

What pops out right away is the rare Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This chart has Mars and Venus in Capricorn as well. Although the Sun, representing the boss, the CEO, is in Sagittarius, the cluster of Capricorn planets positioned in the 11th house gives this company more of a Capricorn flavor, providing a solid structure and longevity. Monsanto is built for business. With Aquarius rising, this company has a strong foundation that includes innovation with a blend of liberal and conservative qualities that reinforce one another. This chart is the chart of a money maker that knows how to use the connections that society has to offer. Jupiter and Saturn together in the 11th house of friends is a guarantee of friends in high places and the ability to use those friends to advantage. The Moon in late Cancer opposes Venus in Capricorn and sits 90 degrees, a square from the dwarf planet Ceres, the Goddess of grain. Moon, Venus, Ceres, the earth, food, nurture and nature, are all tied up together in this chart. Venus in Capricorn has her business suit on and she’s all about making money, and look who she is connected with. Another key point is the Uranus Pluto opposition. The Uranus Pluto cycle is a 126-year cycle. Astrology is the study of cycles and this particular cycle is one of great importance in the life of Monsanto.

Pluto is the destroyer, transformer and reformer, ruling toxic waste and other icky things. The use of power to control others as well as the power of the group belongs to Pluto. Uranus is the humanitarian, revolutionary anarchist. In Monsanto’s chart, Capricorn gives structure that is institutionalized and entrenched, and kicking down that structure is Uranus’ joy. When Pluto and Uranus engage; society changes.

By the 1930s, Pluto and Uranus moved from an opposition, a 180 degree separation, to a square, a 90 degree separation. The depression, the dust bowl, Social Security and The Securities and Exchange Act all occurred during this time. Also during this time, Monsanto purchased the Swann Chemical Company, a manufacturer of PCBs. There were concerns at the time about the toxicity of PCBs, but Monsanto bought the company anyway and the rest is history.

In the 1960s Pluto and Uranus were together in the sky, forming a conjunction three times mid-decade, although the energy was felt throughout the decade. The 60s are famous for civil rights, women’s rights and the Vietnam War. But other significant events occurred then as well. Early in the decade, Rachel Carson’s The Silent Spring was published and had a huge impact on the environmental movement. President Johnson signed Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, creating Medicare.

Today, Uranus and Pluto have separated and are once again positioned in a square aspect. This phase was ushered in by another financial meltdown, the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the birth of the Occupy movement and the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.

This square aspect will be exact seven times between 2012 and 2015. On April 21, 2014, there will be an exact square with the addition of Mars and Jupiter forming what is called a grand square. This is a celestial battle and this battle will not be fun for Monsanto because Pluto, the key player, is sitting right on Monsanto’s powerful Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Uranus is squared off against this conjunction as well, ready to create havoc and kick down walls. Jupiter opposes it and although considered a good guy, he can at times be too much of a good thing.

Eco-warriors be warned, Mars is in the thick of this battle, but he is retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Mars favors the defense, not the offense. Mars is the initiator; retrograde he has some surprises for the one who initiates.  Vladimir Putin, with this Mars sitting on his Libra Sun, best beware.

Monsanto is vulnerable during this period and will be vulnerable for a while. My guess is they are working on legal defense and planning strategy. Whether they are in a legal battle now or not, this company is organized and proactive. They are looking to the future because they know that protests, banning and restrictions will continue.

Around the first day of summer in June, Mars in direct motion will hit Monsanto’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction again. Some kind of agreement or settlement could be reached. It’s a tough call because Mars likes to fight and do the demonstration thing, while Libra loves to negotiate and wants an agreement.

The 21st of July is another significant date to watch. Expect an unusual tactic, an unexpected action, something that disrupts the orderly running of business.

In January 2015, Pluto continues his battering of Monsanto’s powerful Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. When Pluto arrives, all the crap comes to the surface. Pay attention. In late November 2015, Saturn begins a yearlong assault on some of Monsanto’s vulnerable points. When Saturn comes calling, it’s payback time. First it is going to roll over Monsanto’s Sagittarius Sun. This will bring pressure to whoever is heading the company at that time, as well as to all upper management. Next it will hit the Mid Heaven, a critical point in any horoscope. This is a point of exposure, and Saturn brings you what you earn whether it is honor or disgrace. When Saturn transited Richard Nixon’s Mid Heaven in the early 70s, he won the election by a landslide, but Watergate was waiting in the wings.

Monsanto, the poster child for the corrupting influence of money on the legislative, judicial and regulatory process, is firmly entrenched, but this celestial battle is taking place on or around critical planets and points in their horoscope. Pluto is inexorable; he destroys so something new and better can be built.

For the environmentalist, keep up the pressure. Don’t give up and don’t go away. And don’t despair. Under these transits seemingly insignificant events, decisions and actions turn out to be tipping points that evolve and result in deep, profound change. The corruption prevalent in society today is systemic, and Monsanto is one of many corporations that use and abuse this system. When Uranus and Pluto take this type of celestial battle stance as they have been taking and will continue to take over the next few years, the energy encompasses and the fallout includes large groups of people. They bring the mob to the town square taking on those societal constructs that have become rigid and outgrown their usefulness. Like Jim Crow in the 60s, it is time to go.