A Christmas Carol Dazzles at Trinity 

Trinity Repertory Company’s annual production of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol features a top-notch cast of adults and children and some truly inventive staging. Fred Sullivan Jr. plays Ebenezer Scrooge, a cranky old miser who treats everyone with disdain, including his long-suffering employee Bob Cratchit (Stephen Thorne). One night, Scrooge is visited by his deceased […]

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The Busy World Is Hushed

The Busy World Is Hushed, being performed by Epic Theatre Company, is a thought-provoking and at times heartbreaking examination of faith and religion. The most remarkable quality of Keith Bunin’s play is its deft balance of comedy and drama in telling a story about tortured characters. Hannah (Mary Paolino) is an Episcopalian minister who discovers […]

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A Stereotype Guide to Ending Cannabis Prohibition

With the midterm elections taking place in November, politicians across the nation have been hitting the campaign trail hard; shaking hands and kissing babies. They are out “trick-or-treating,” looking to discuss the Affordable Care Act, unemployment rates, public assistance and how they need our help to make our communities better places to live (and maybe […]

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Metamorphoses: Love Is the Moral

He’s King Midas with a curse He’s King Midas in reverse -Graham Nash Like Ovid’s original collection of myths, Mary Zimmerman’s beautifully elegiac Metamorphoses defies categorization. Zimmerman’s series of transformative tales are presented in something of a Reader’s Theater style, but to pigeonhole the work into so narrow a definition is to do the play […]

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401 Counterculture: The Straight Scoop on Life on the Pole in RI

RI Dancers and Club’s look the other way type of attitude The adult industry in Rhode Island has seen a very challenging 12 months. In August 2013, a 15-year-old girl was discovered dancing with a fake ID at Cheaters, long known to be an establishment of supposed ill repute. In November, undercover journalists documented prostitution […]

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