EDM: Providence Is Party Central


Club XS : The Newest Hot Spot

Providence is known as party central with club events happening all across town, and the heavily involved EDM scene shows that we’ll be here for generations to come. Every club has its own unique formula that seems to work just fine; some offer a sexy atmosphere, others explore an artsy appearance and let’s not forget the amazing shore nightlife summer offers.

The club phenomena in Providence has been non-stop since the ’70s when NYC was on top of its game and RI was right behind. There were a few very popular clubs throughout the city, like BT Bogarts, one of the first to have a lighted dance floor, and Play Dan and Club 2001 where party-goers could explore their inner disco souls. Today, Providence replicates the best experiences of big city night clubs, like in Miami and LA. We offer some of the best sound systems around and EDM is a hundred times better when it’s loud with a pulsating base driving through your body. It’s an instant formula for dancing. For party-goers, a memorable night is driven by special guest out-of-town DJs and popular local DJs who carry a hefty schedule.

Providence’s newest club, Club XS, opened to huge success on its first weekend. Local DJs already lining up to be one of first to bless the turntables is a definite sign that PVD gained another nightlife spot to influence an audience and further an agenda.

As we head deeper into the summer, the club action shifts to our amazing beaches and we tend to get a little nervous around the city — unless you’re Sequel Lounge with an amazing outdoor patio sure to please and breeze everyone. But the city is full of fun and excitement with dozens of clubs to explore. And clubs always seem to offer a top notch menu of exclusive cocktails that you may not find anywhere outside of RI.

Club Highlight:

Club XS, 1 Throop alley, Providence; XSLOUNGERI.com

Sequel Lounge, 178 Atwells Ave., Providence; www.sequelprov.com

DJ Highlight:


Offical Numark Artist/DJ and the driving force behind Blinded Records, Osheen, New England’s own veteran DJ and producer, is no stranger to the music culture and electronica house music scene. He began his career in the early 1980s dosing the dance floors of local clubs and rave events in the northeast. When the rave phenomena hit in the early 1990s, he took his skills and signature sound of chugging tribal proper house music out to the masses and quickly became known as one of the premier underground house DJs in the US. The demand kept growing for his talent as a DJ, leading him to the next logical and creative step, the creation of his own music and record label. Osheen currently has numerous remix and original releases on major and independent record labels.