EDM: Essentials

edmOn the stage is your favorite artist. Behind them their light show bedazzles. Their bass blasts through some of the heaviest speakers in the industry, sending wave after wave through an audience of thousands who know every word and melody.

EDM artists are today’s rock stars. Forget the guitars and drums — everything is a feeling and massive amounts of people bring unity like no religion can. Some of the best fresh unreleased tracks are played during EDM festivals in July and August for promotional reasons. Fans have plenty of opportunities to see the biggest techno, electro, house and dub step acts, and DJs from local to global.

As a fan, the essentials needed for events are pretty simple. Stay hydrated, keep the carbs and protein at a constant flow, and let the baseline melodies take you away. DJs creatively evolve during events, from setting up stages to proper sound check. As a party goer it’s very important to be aware of your favorite DJ’s time slot. It’s the best feeling when you’re up close to experience your favorite track dropping into melody.

One of my favorite moments in a show is when the song releases from full drum penetration into complete silence. That’s when all the whistling goes across the crowd. All of the sudden, the heavy climbing pluck synths start filtering through the speakers. That’s when all hell breaks loose — hands in the air and smiling faces all jump up and down dancing as the beat kicks back into its maximum peak potential.

OSHEEN’s Top 10 House EDM Picks for August 2014

1. Ruffneck – “Everybody Be Somebody” 2014 remix

2. Mark Night – “In and Out”

3 Don Diablo – “Night Time”

4 Block and Crown – “Inside My Head”

5 Osheen – “Citrus Acid”

6 Federico Scavo – “Colegiala”

7 Rober Gaez – “Dancintz”

8 Haxton Whores – “Move it Now”

9 Mazi, Fomin, Doctor – “Blue”

10 Tradelove – “Around the World”