EDM Adapts to Summer


Okay — I’m not sure how far the US men’s soccer team will advance by the time you read this. I just hope they win. Soccer players love house music. It’s an international musical language we all love, especially when the weather breaks.

EDM adapts to summer by capturing its die-hard underground fans and providing a learning experience for the newcomers as they adapt to the EDM culture. This is the best season to enjoy EDM as a whole package with amazing lighting, booming systems and a diverse crowd. Record labels schedule the release of summer tracks to give them proper play. They tend to be more luscious in production, making them groovy and melodic. Most producers cater to Ibiza nightlife by following the trendiest tracks being played year round.


Although EDM is accepted in all forms, to capture the best of the season promoters look for the right talent for the right event, from headlining outsiders to local heroes. And every state is different. Looking for a great outdoor event this summer? There are plenty and I’m sure this summer is going to be a very hot one. Recent acts include Benny Benassi, Congoroc, Franki Bones, Boris, Tommie Sunshine, Dj Shiftee, and many more.

Featured DJ

Kevin Lepine, aka, DJ Dupe

Born and raised in Germany, DJ Dupe brought his love and passion for the house music culture across the ocean to settle in Maine in the late ’80s. Now a Providence resident, after seeing more than most would  dream about, DJ Dupe has become a big part of the scene in New England. Since the mid ’90s, after working alongside some of the world’s best DJs and producers, Dupe has honed in on the true meaning of being a DJ by trade: passion, diversity, and music selection skills. This knowledge has made him one of the most respected and sought-after house music DJs in New England. Bringing a vibe unmatched by many others in the EDM/UDM scene right now, Dupe is busier than ever with countless gigs across the country and music productions with Blinded Records. facebook.com/DjDupe

DJ Dupe’s Top 10 Summer Tracks

1. “Nexus” (Tomy Declerque Full Vocal Mix) – Carl Cox

2. “Hustles Revenge” (Prok & Fitch Remix) – Joeski

3. “Loudastic” (Original Mix) – Ramiro Lopez

4. “Homeless” (Nite Mix) –  Ted Nilsson, Errol Reid, CJay Swayne

5. “Relish Your Soul” (Soul Heaven Vox Mix) – Neil Pierce ft Kadija Kamara

6. “Kuzla Prevarantska” (Original Mix) – Umek

7. “Engine No. 9” (Original Mix) – DJ Dan, WhiteNoize

8. “Inside Job” (Original Mix) – 2000 and One

9. “Want You In My Soul” ft. Stee Downes (Original Mix)  – Lovebirds

10. “Truffle Pig” (Original Mix) – Tommy Trash