Featured Contributor May 2022: LuzJennifer Martinez

Where there were books, libraries and music cassettes, that’s where you would find LuzJennifer Martinez as a kid, growing up in the inner city of Providence. Her passion for reading Babysitters Club books and writing in journals (while listening to some good tunes of course) led her to Rhode Island College for a BA in English (with a Communications minor), which she completed in 2008.

In 2013, she received an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Shortly before attending graduate school, LuzJennifer was a freelance reporter for Providence En Español newspaper. She’s also written for What’s News at Rhode Island College, In the Fray Magazine, and The Music Development Agency.


Her personal blog, The Fearless Wordsmith, was launched in 2016 and she currently publishes opinion pieces and essays on Medium. When she’s not writing up a storm of fiction and non-fiction, LuzJennifer works as a full-time inside sales representative for Evolis, a French ID card printer manufacturer.

Additionally, LuzJennifer serves on the BIPOC Advisory Council at What Cheer Writer’s Club and is the Founder/Organizer of Diverse Voices of RI, a creative writing group that fosters inclusivity for writers of all races, backgrounds, and perspectives to speak their truth through the written word and connect. She would also love to start advocacy work for either RAINN or a related local organization in the near future.

When she needs to take a breather, LuzJennifer watches funny videos, dances Salsa in her living room, drinks ridiculous amounts of tea, likes to people watch, chases her cat, creates humongous Spotify playlists, sits in cafes for hours to have more tea, taps into her emo side, and is into everything self-development. Writing for Motif is a dream, she says, so please don’t wake her up!