For Mature Audiences Only

For medical reasons, it’s common (and legal) practice to provide warnings to theatergoers if there will be strobe effects or flashing lights in a theatrical production. That courtesy then extended to warnings in the lobby that the play you are about to see contains the sound of gunshots or other sudden noises that may startle or otherwise unintentionally traumatize. Most recently, we’ve seen notices concerning triggering topics addressed in the script so that people can prepare themselves. Contemporary Theater Company (CTC)’s latest production, Wonder of the World, goes so far as to rate their show “R” for various adult topics ranging from suicide and alcoholism to crude language and the stray clown or two – people do have their limits. 

In David Lindsay-Abaire’s whimsically reassuring, yet absurdly off-kilter self-discovery tale, a housewife abruptly leaves her husband (due to his bizarre inclinations involving Barbie doll heads) and journeys to Niagra Falls in search of the meaning of it all. She meets a motley bunch of characters along the way and the inevitable hilarity ensues. 

This is a perfect choice for CTC, as their production of Lindsay-Abaire’s Fuddy Meers several years ago was one of their more memorable outings. Serious play is CTC’s brand, and Wonder of the World intends to deliver on that expectation. 


The Contemporary Theater Company presents David Lindsay-Abaire’s Wonder of the World, 327 Main St, Wakefield. Performances: Fri & Sat, Aug 9-31 at 7pm. *Not appropriate for children. Tickets available by phone at 401-218-0282 or in person at the theater. For more information,