GE Brings CD to Light

What can I say about GrandEvolution that I havent already written in my past three reviews of the Worcester area alt-indie-rock band? Well come to find out, quite a bit. You see this act is not merely just another band circularly swimming in the morass of stale wannabe hopefuls, chasing that ever-elusive shot at fame and fortune. Rather, GrandEvolution represents the standard to which those aforementioned nonstarters should aspire. Because well beyond the point that many musicians lose their crucial drive courtesy of a series of inexorable rejections and obstacles, GrandEvolution has continued to reinvest in their own destiny by constantly striving for excellence. And on their latest release “Collide”, excellence is exactly what’s achieved.
With all due respect to some fine backing tracks provided by Dave Shul on guitar, Marty O’Brien on bass, and drummer Matt Palermo, for all intents and purposes GrandEvolution IS Sarah Kenyon. The effervescent, eternally twenty-something singer/guitarist has put every bit of herself into this successful rock & roll project. And she’s done it by not only traveling the nation to find that just-right producer or the perfect recording facility, she’s additionally unlocked the secret to absolute musical success – WRITING, WRITING, WRITING, and more WRITING!!!! Her prolific composing has been paying dividends as of late, resulting in catchy, pop-friendly melodies, enveloped in a credible grungy alternative rock sound.
One of the best weapons Sarah Kenyon has in her songwriting quiver is the ability to invariably keep her song’s vibe youthful and airy, without ever losing any of the driving edge. Much like Brian Wilson’s work instantly conjures up adolescent memories of surf, sand, and summer, Sarah writes and sings in a voice that is inescapably young, though never puerile. A good example is the opening track on collide entitled “sweetheart”. “out on the town in the rain the sun the clouds, had so much fun hanging with you – i said goodbye, you said goodnight, called me sweetheart.”
Although the topic of lost love and broken relationships have been covered in song enough for fifty lifetimes, Kenyon indeed finds a way of expressing the hurt in a refreshingly succinct, yet powerful manner: “Seemed a perfect plan, working toward what could have been – Hit or miss, never know who you’re dealing with – Put all i had into belief and trust in you – Better off without you, i’m not looking back”
In interest of full disclosure, I like Sarah Kenyon and GrandEvolution, always have and always will. They are fully deserving of any and all accolades forwarded their way, ucn as recently reaching the semi-finals of WBRU’s Rock Hunt, and an upcoming stint at Mohegan Sun Casino. With Sarah Kenyon firmly in control of the band’s direction propelling them forward, GrandEvolution will continue to evolve (pun intended) in a manner that seems to always make their last project pale in comparison. If these guys aren’t a household name on the national scene inside of five years, one thing’s for sure – it wasn’t for lack of trying.