Jabba Speaks out about RI Comic Con

Jabba_the_HuttNew England’s largest comic convention is heading to Rhode Island

RI ComicCon is returning for its second year at the RI Convention Center this November 2 and 3. Last year’s event drew an unexpected 22,000 attendees. “We had a great time last year,” says organizer Steve Perry. “The fan response was even greater than we had hoped. It’s enabled us to grow, too – this year we’ll be the biggest show in New England.” Full creature cantina band Jabba palace.

This year will feature a new crop of legendary and obscurely cultish actors and characters, reunions of Power Rangers, the Weird Science boys (no longer boys), most of the bad guys from the Karate Kid, and many more. Along with the artist alley, numerous vendors, lots of gaming, panels by the attending celebs, cosplay, costumes and chaos, one of the featured attendees will also be Jabba the Hutt. We connected with Jabba by satellite phone to ask about the upcoming event, and he shared some details exclusively with Motif.



Motif: Are you excited about this year’s Comic Con? What are you looking forward to most?

Jabba:   Achuta. Oto smak tellia Jeedai scum yafulkee

Motif: That’s … interesting. I doubt you’ll have the chance to devour Mr. Jett Lucas – but it’s good to have goals.

Jabba: Gee Batman fofo koochoo holo

Motif: Yes, Adam West and Burt Ward will be there.

Jabba: Con goo. Crispo! D’emperiolo Blastoh! Giff! Bam! Zowie!

Motif: I understand you’ll be “life sized” – but I’ve seen all the movies. You come in a lot of different sizes. Which size will we be seeing?

Jabba: Huttuk inkabunga je nal hutta

Motif: Yes, 12×10 feet is very impressive

Jabba: Porko, mo gootu lorda kickeeyuna dee bonkee

Motif: No, I’m pretty sure Cthulhu is still larger.

Jabba: Koochoo. [Laughs]

Motif: Really – and that’s a Motif exclusive? Not only a bounty hunter reunion, but the complete Cantina band? And a full reenactment of your palace, with music and a 17-foot-tall, 700-pound Rancor?

Jabba: Tagwa.

Motif: That’s the creature that lived in your basement, right?

Jabba: Tagwa, hees ree kyfoundo

Motif: I’m sure there will be plenty of delicious fans. And I look forward to meeting you at the event.

Jabba: Shapa-keesay ovv sleemo poy

Motif: No. I will not be wearing a gold bikini. Get over it already.