Got Beer?

Little Bitte Magic: Signature style delivered on a new garden patio

In my continued quest for delicious drinks and beautiful ambience on a patio, Little Bitte’s new Garden Patio, called Bar Bitte, at the Bloom Collective was the perfect next stop. 

You enter the space through the parking lot, which is peppered with local artists and shops selling everything from candles to clothes. Little Bitte’s set-up is on the right, complete with a small bar and several tables with plenty of space between them. Of course, it wouldn’t be Little Bitte without flowers! Every table is graced with a small flower arrangement, and the bar itself is blooming with them.  

The menu is large for such a small spot. It features a variety of spritz cocktails, from the classic Aperol Spritz to more esoteric ingredients. They also offer bottled cocktails and cocktails by the glass, several wines, beer, mocktails — even Topo Chico and cookies! 


I started with the Bianca, which was from the Spritz menu featuring Suze, lemon and bubbles, garnished with an edible tulip petal from Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. The cocktail delivered with its signature herbal bitterness from the Suze, and lovely light lemongrass finish. And the tulip? It tasted like a fresh piece of Romaine lettuce!

Next I tried the Flora, with vodka, butterfly blossom, elderflower and citrus. The butterfly blossom made the drink a gorgeous purple color, reminiscent of an Aviation, and the cocktail tasted like everything you want from a summer tipple. It was light, bright and floral with more organic and edible buds for garnish. 

Owner and operator Willa Van Nostrand took a moment from bartending to give me details on her summer plans. She aims to have the patio open Friday-Sunday all summer, allowing the crowd to dictate further hours. You can expect collaborations with food vendors, new and interesting beers and a safe, comfortable environment. 

In short: Little Bitte’s Bar Bitte delivers all the delicate attention to detail the company has made itself known for. I highly recommend making it a must for your summer plans! 

Bar Bitte at the Bloom Collective, 1455 Westminster St, PVD. Open Sat and Sun, noon to 5pm.