Lunar Notes

December is cosmically busy with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all changing signs. These changes suggest a change in attitude, ideas and desires. While Sun, Mercury and Venus, in a sign for a month or so, have an impact on our day-to-day activities, Jupiter, in a sign for a year, and Saturn, for two and a half years, bring into our lives an awareness, an energy that takes time to emerge and articulate. In December we plant the seed.

Aries: This month when you speak out you will be heard. This is a good time for you to speak out loud, giving vent to your ideas. As you speak you will clarify your inner thoughts. This is a good thing for you as you are formulating plans for the future. You find that your goals are changing.  New ideas and philosophies enter your consciousness. 

Taurus: There is a lot going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes with you. You are brainstorming, tossing around ideas and new modes of action. A shift in career or direction in life floats across your radar. Give this process time to solidify and gel. Things may look different come mid-January. Not to worry, forward motion is in the air. 

Gemini: You are cleaning up the debris, the fallout and the tangled threads of your relationships. Not all are complicated. Some are simple, but you have definitely decided that there are certain things you want and need from the folks around you. You are acting on your hopes and wishes for the future. Try and keep it friendly.

Cancer: As new thoughts and ideas float around in your consciousness, you begin to implement the new and novel in your life. Relationships and conversation assist you in bringing to the surface what has been rolling around in your inner being for a while. Unusual friends and excitement on the social scene liven your days. 

Leo: Your creative juices are flowing. You use your time wisely doing some of the things that bring you joy. You socialize within your circle and appreciate those around you who provide you with inspiration. Events beyond your control create an opening and a shift in your direction.  Upsetting, but not a disaster. Relax. 

Virgo: You manage restriction and isolation well. By putting your thinking cap on, you maintain social interaction and contact in a safe and sane manner. You spend time beautifying your surroundings. Friends do take on a more important role in your life. They do bring you joy and you begin to appreciate them more. 

Libra: You use this time to stretch your creativity. Writing, painting or merely making things beautiful and pleasing to the eye. There are some folks sowing discord in your life. You have about had it with this type of energy and are ready to give them the boot. Being fair-minded, you may opt for a conversation before you lower the boom. 

Scorpio: While all is shutdown, lockdown you shifts into busy mode.  Whether remotely or personally, at a safe social distance, you are engaged in meetings, conversation and exchange of ideas and facts. An undercurrent through it all is your deep consideration of the important things in your life. You are finding what truly matters to you.

Sagittarius: Down time and restrictions do not hinder you when it comes to social interactions. You figure a way to engage socially that is smart and safe. Lots of ideas are moving around in your head and you get innovative when it comes to your daily work routine. Month-end brings a close look at finances. 

Capricorn: Professional and personal relationships transition. Some are on track to deepen and strengthen, while others fall by the wayside. You’re OK with it all. Pressure lifts mid-month when Saturn moves into Aquarius bringing some relief from heavy duties and responsibilities. You feel free to speak your mind.  

Aquarius: When Saturn and Jupiter make their Grand Conjunction at the Winter Solstice, there is a push/pull energy around you. A tension between expansion and contraction. On one level you have gotten rid of a lot of “garbage” and are ready to move on, but on another level, you want to be sure of your steps. Careful steps are the key. 

Pisces: You indulge in a lot of thought about what you want, where you’re going and what will serve you best. The New Moon on the 14th signals a change in direction. You begin to take action around the Winter Solstice, and by month end, you figure out your heart’s desire. With startling news and discoveries, you re-work your plans.