Stars With Shirley

Lunar Notes: December 2021

December opens with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses portend change. Mercury and Mars change signs on the 13th. Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde on the 19th and at month end Jupiter enters Pisces. These events bring shifting energies and perspectives. Actions, desires and ideas are mixed and matched. Make ready for the New Year. 

Aries: You get philosophical as the year closes out. Your belief system comes under scrutiny as you look for truth and meaning in your life. Your search raises questions, an older, wiser friend or acquaintance provides a solid sounding board for your ideas and musings. Helpful females enter. It’s all business and life’s direction at this point.

Taurus: You take a walk on the wild side finding excitement and a certain fulfillment delving into the forbidden and taboo. This may have something to do with your upbringing; a desire to break free from childhood restrictions motivates you. Money enters the picture: mine, yours, theirs. Whose money is it?

Gemini: The Solar Eclipse on the 4th opposes you. Relationships become the focal point for conversations, actions and reactions. You dig beneath the surface searching for motives and the true intentions of those around you. Those probing conversations reveal a great deal and bring to the surface undercurrents in some relationships.

Cancer: You explore the relationship between the body and the mind, and how physical health often depends on mental health. The result is, you feel better about yourself. Your working relationships, work space and daily routine improve from your inner search. Your goals in life shift as you become more confident.

Leo: You no longer want to play the game of acting in certain ways so as not to rock the boat. You express your authentic self, revealing your truth. You are not confrontational but behave in a joyful, playful manner. Relationships remain on an even keel. You and your co-workers converse, create and keep the ball rolling.

Virgo: Usually of a practical nature you experience some of the unexplainable.  Dreams, hunches and premonitions occur frequently. You like the facts, plain and simple and you are not comfortable with this type of phenomena. Relax into it and follow these mysterious prompts. Keep your eyes open and maintain your practicality. 

Libra: You think, perceive and exchange ideas, and get very excited when you engage in stimulating conversation. Your universe expands through your new ideas and research into the esoteric. On a lighter side, entertaining and revising décor on the home front relaxes you. A relationship hovers between commitment and to heck with it. 

Scorpio: As year end approaches practical matters occupy your thoughts and actions. You get your “ducks in a row” before the year turns. Your possessions, what to keep and what to dump move to the forefront as you do your year-end purge. Some lively and interesting conversations bring some sparkle into your life.

Sagittarius: December’s Solar Eclipse on the 4th signals change in your life. Your inner thoughts and feelings surface and play a role in these changes. Outside events color your decisions. What is important to you? Time to sort through your physical, mental and emotional “stuff” and dump what does not serve you any longer.

Capricorn: As usual, you say and do with less and create more. While active and talkative you develop new ideas and modes of being in silence and in solitude. This isolation works for you at this time. When you do take action be sure to gauge what the reaction will be. You could misjudge in that area. Be true to yourself. 

Aquarius: You’re a one-person community action program these days. You make change within and you want to make change without. Plans for the future, shifting goals and priorities are all part of these changes. You manage to incorporate some fun and games into your schedule doing those things that bring you joy.

Pisces: You get a sense that you are being “called” to do something. This may be life changing and earth shattering or a simple, slight altering of your direction at this time. You receive recognition for a job well done. Home and career, the public you and the private you become a balancing act with you as the master juggler.