Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes (March 12, 2013 to March 18, 2013)

Aries: The week starts off with a bang as Mars slides into Aries. You are fired up and ready for action.  Moon in your sign brings some emotion and intuition into play. It’s a good idea to speak and say what is on your mind. Don’t bottle it up. Get it out there. As the weekend approaches, you begin to feel a little anxious about money. You are not your money or your possessions. Got that?

Taurus: Pay attention to your hunches as the week begins, and don’t be afraid to express your feelings.  Your instincts are strong now; if you listen, chances are you will do the right thing whether it’s spending money, speaking your piece, or knowing when to shut up. By the weekend, you’ll be having trouble getting rid of clutter and junk because you’ll feel an emotional attachment to things. Throw it out!

Gemini:  Friends provide a shoulder to cry on and you return the favor. When it comes to finance and spending that involves friends, step back and gain some perspective before you go for it. You need to do this because you’ll be feeling comfortable and secure around friends. As the weekend nears, you’ve had enough of friends and prefer to spend some time alone with your own thoughts. No harm in that.

Cancer: You’re in the public eye and receive some recognition for a job well done or for simply being a nice person. An important, powerful woman plays a role in your career or standing in the community.  As the weekend rolls around, take advantage of your many solid connections. Be wary of public displays of emotion – try and keep a lid on it. By Sunday, you’ll need some down time. Enjoy it while you can.

Leo: Your philosophy, point of view, and belief systems are tied up and fluctuate with your emotional state. Take a breath before you end up in an escalating argument, especially when the subject is politics or religion. As the weekend approaches, you receive a well-earned pat on the back. Sunday finds you mining your address book for useful contacts with whom to begin the work week.

Virgo: Your intuition is telling you it is time to make a change. You feel like you are missing something.  Take the time to dig into your own psyche and find out what it is you need. By the weekend, you’ll be able to view it all with a cooler head. When Monday rolls around, be prepared to receive some recognition on the work front. Not a bad way to start the week.

Libra: You’re astonished when other people give voice to your deepest emotions. This is a good time to share your feelings with others. You can rely on those near and dear to you and they can rely on you.  The weekend offers a good time for you really to get in touch with what it is that makes you tick. New ideas and far reaching visions emerge as you step into the weekday routine.

Scorpio: You’re in the groove at work doing the job with unconscious ease. You know what works best and you also know what is good for you. This doesn’t mean that all will run smoothly. Volatile emotions and impulsive moves precipitate some heated arguments. Try to remain cool. This weekend, through interaction with some pleasant folks in your life, you learn something about yourself.

Sagittarius: This week, it is hard for you to get down to business. Your brain is in the weekend mode and it ain’t the weekend. You’re in a playful mood. Along about Thursday, you finally shift into the groove.  You make Friday a very productive day. The weekend brings some heart-to-heart discussions about domestic affairs and some deeply felt issues that need to be aired out.

Capricorn: You want to stay home and deal with domestic affairs or simply lounge on the couch enjoying the comforts of home, but your schedule is way too busy. It seems like everyone you have ever known is calling, texting, or emailing you. You may have to deal with some sudden eruption at home in addition to all the running around you are doing. By the weekend, you’re ready for some serious party time.

Aquarius:  No matter how hard you try to remain focused, you’re a bit scattered right now. There’s a lot of action going on around you and with you, and it is hard to keep track of what’s up and what’s down.  By the weekend, you’re a home body and that is just fine with you. On Sunday, it’s play time. A sporting event, a movie, or museum attracts you. Be wary of speculative ventures.

Pisces: This lunation cycle begins with Moon in your sign. It is like Happy New Year time for you. You feel like making a change; it could be a simple hair style change. Your intuition pays off when it comes to money, what to buy, and what not to buy. Don’t get hung up about possessions. The pace of life picks up by the weekend, and you find yourself zipping around and connecting with friends and neighbors.