Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: Your April Horoscope

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Aries: The winds of change disrupt your life, from the domestic and very private to the professional and very public. Your natural instinct is to act on impulse, but try curb that instinct. This is not the time for knee-jerk reactions. A lot of these issues require a conversation. As the Full Moon approaches, you will be better able to express yourself and articulate your desires.

Taurus: You really want to spend some quiet time enjoying solitary pleasures, but folks keep intruding. A friend in need may be a friend indeed, but don’t put yourself out on a limb for a friend or anyone else during this period.  There’s some wrongheadedness going on around you. Be wary of lies, deception and fraud. Don’t sign anything and check every story and rumor out. The truth will come out in the end.

Gemini: Your friends want to take you out for something new, different and exciting. Have fun but be careful with the money. These wild evenings on the town may cost more than you expected. A possible romance gets off to a slow start; there’s some confusion there. You’re looking good on the work front — probably because you’ve had a ton of work and haven’t had a chance to come up for air.

Cancer: Try to avoid coming on too strong or too emotional. This may be difficult because personal and professional relationships are under a lot of stress. News from afar may be upsetting as well. Try to maintain an even keel.  Take the time to socialize, visit a museum or take in a concert, anything that will take you away from the routine. Someone surprises you with an unexpected action.

Leo: Don’t spread yourself too thin; take on and complete one project at a time. Try to avoid making any major decisions now. Your judgment is off from too much busyness, receiving bad advice or simple miscommunication.  Try and carve out some down time. You need quiet time to think. Your mind is full of ideas and new possibilities, and you need to assimilate all this before you act.

Virgo: Relationships can get a little sticky during this period. Someone may try to exert control over you and try to manipulate you into taking actions that you are reluctant to take. This person does not have your best interests at heart. Keep your eye on your finances. A forgotten bill, a tax liability or insurance payment throws the budget out of whack. Don’t loan money to friends.

Libra: Someone close to you changes their direction or course of action in such a way that it has a great impact on you on a lot of levels. This may affect your career, your working routine, family and domestic issues. Try to remain objective when dealing with difficult people. Some folks will act in a totally unexpected manner. While your career is going very well, you may be facing a cash shortage. Mind the budget.

Scorpio: Your instinct prods you into making changes in your daily routine, work and eating habits. You face criticism at work. Don’t criticize back; that’s not the way to handle it. You have a lot of responsibility now with a lot to do. Make sure to get your needed rest. Take the time to have some fun. Put yourself out there; there’s a possibility of a certain someone entering your life with whom you will have a spiritual connection.

Sagittarius: Romance, fun and games with young people or the young at heart is how you spend your time this month. Have your fun, but don’t overspend or take unnecessary financial risks and stay away from the casino.  Unexpected cash flow, in or out, cautions you to keep your finances in order. A romantic or fun relationship develops with someone unusual or from a different background.

Capricorn: Capricorn is in for a bumpy ride this month. They’re coming at you from all quarters and this creates a lot of stress. From that stress you express some deep and profound truths. You may shock some folks. Keep the conversation going; you may learn something. An old friend proves their worth.

Aquarius: This is a busy time for you with a lot of mental activity. You have a lot of projects going on. Don’t scatter your energy and try to avoid mental fatigue. Be careful what you write and what you say. Be sure that all is clear as miscommunication can cause a lot of problems. There is no such thing as a routine for you this month because all is everything but routine.

Pisces: Your social calendar is full; you can’t possibly attend all these events. Go to the events that bring you the most pleasure. You are expanding your network of friends and in that group there is a possible romantic interest. Money is an issue, but there are some things money can’t buy. Pisces is very much aware of that fact. You’re figuring out what is important to you.