Cleaning House: Maid in RI makes busy people less busy

The basic upkeep of a home can be daunting, leading people to put it off, which only makes for more work. While some people find it to be therapeutic (seems like people like to either cook or clean; rarely both), a good chunk will just shut a door or shove everything into a closet in hopes that it takes care of itself. 

There are many reasons for dodging housework. Health issues, new baby, extremely busy schedule, family commitments and general laziness are just a few. But there are local cleaning services that are more than willing to take that burden off a person’s plate.

Laura Grilli was working for another agency, but wasn’t happy with the quality of services they were providing for customers.


“The company would often cut corners and worked to get the job done instead of working to make the client happy,” Grilli said of her decision to leave and start her own company, Maid in RI, LLC in May 2019.

Grilli stocked up on proper cleaning equipment, obtained an LLC and started marketing her business to homes and commercial properties. Using word of mouth and a Facebook page that featured pictures of her work, Maid in RI started to grow, steadily gaining new customers who were satisfied with her performance. Grilli takes the time to find out what customers are looking for and discuss all expectations before starting a job. It is her goal to fully exceed all of these expectations, leaving customers thrilled with the completed job.

“The client feedback I’ve received thus far has been very positive,” Grilli says. “Some new clients requested professional references and later tell me the glowing reviews others have given.”

Maid in RI is available for a one-time service, whether it be for a basic or deep clean. They also offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rates, all depending on the needs of the customers. All potential services are discussed and agreed upon, and Grilli strives to keep the price fair and competitive.

When looking for a cleaning service, Grilli strongly suggests checking professional references, requesting proof of insurance and finding someone who will respect the space as their own. Grilli proudly boasts that “professional” and “dependable” are the two most popular words that references use to describe her and the business.

Grilli says that there are many advantages to hiring a cleaning service for your home. Opportunity cost is the biggest; as it gives people more time to spend with friends and family or to complete other needed errands. Some customers don’t end up realizing how bad they have left the mess of their house pile up until after they see how it looks when she is done.

Grilli’s biggest goal for the business is to continue to grow through great effort and word of mouth and make her customers happy. She prides herself on treating every job as if she is cleaning her own home.

Maid in RI provides both commercial and residential cleaning services. Check out their Facebook page: @MaidinRILLC. Call 401-440-8446 or email for more information.