At War with God

Marisol“What I keep hearing from so many people is that we need a healing space, and that’s what I hope to bring with Marisol,” says Emmy-award winning director Brian Mertes. Trinity Rep’s upcoming production of playwright José Rivera’s dystopian, absurdist fantasy aims for intimacy among the nightmarish scenario of a world literally at war with God.

Described as “primal and poetic,” Marisol will resonate even with non-theatergoers who have been primed to accept blockbuster film scenarios where New York City falls to otherworldly apocalypse. As a young urban professional is now faced with foraging in the streets and dodging Nazi-esque enforcers who aim to eliminate “undesirables,” Marisol’s framing story is an epic clash between a senile God and the angels. In the end, however, this is a story of finding common humanity among all peoples, a scenario sadly often only brought about by common catastrophe.

Featuring Brown/Trinity MFA alumna Octavia Chavez-Richmond in the title role, Marisol also brings together several members of the Trinity Rep resident company as well as a stellar creative team, including scenic designer Eugene Lee.


Mertes concludes, “This production is about having a human moment with each other where we all can take a breath together and let our guard down. Where we can be vulnerable. I want this to be an intimate experience.” With a script this ambitious and a history of technical overreach, we’ll see how Trinity lands with Marisol. The world may not depend upon it, but Trinity’s season might.

Trinity Rep closes its 2018-19 season with José Rivera’s Marisol, May 16 – Jun 16. For more information, call the box office at 401-351-4242 or visit