Spoken Word

Featured Poet: Nancy S. Foley, aka MC Hugs

Nancy S. Foley is a holistic mental health counselor with a private practice in Providence who also works at Tomas & Associates in North Smithfield. She is the present host of Got Poetry Live, which occurs every Tuesday at Blue State Café, 300 Thayer St. in Providence. The open mic sign up is at 7pm and it’s a random draw, so get there early to ensure a place to share your words.

Nancy, or MC Hugs as her friends call her, creates a warm and welcoming environment that literally embraces everyone in the room, perfect for those first timers on the mic, or poets wishing to give legs to a new piece of work. Her style when reciting poetry is fluid, most unlike the expected staccato of what we learn reading poetry is. She definitely brings lots of smiles and laughter to Blue State.
You will find her work engages the human spirit of courage under fire, which I assume is just her weaving every bit of her fiber, from holistic practice to being a mother of two, into every stanza scripted on page.
I asked Nancy for a quote about her work and she simply said, “I love to live life to the fullest capacity!” and as long as I have known Nancy, I couldn’t agree more.
Fractal Evolution
I walk
Large, cool drops bombard my face
Splatter on my glasses
Change my worldview
Changing the world’s view…..
Each clear raindrop is its own world, hurtling through space.
Are they aware of impending explosions upon surfaces?
Boundaries break millions of times over in a single rainstorm.
Millions of molecular changes occur in a single second.
Circles upon interwoven circles clash.
Mandelbrots’ mathematics reduces 3-D mandalas of raindrop ripples, seashells & hurricanes to numbers;
Language of equations equal unique spirals spinning on
multiple, intertwining journeys.
Collusions of equations plus INFINTESIMALLY SMALL breaths from butterfly wings equal unformed storms that stretch into unleashed hurricanes and typhoons,
Make us confront our own insignificance-
Points on the fractal design of human existence
reform into butterfly breaths,
whisper sweet nothings to us after the devastation of godlike perceptions.
Each explosive moment changes the landscape in butterfly-breath impacts.
Outer landscape changes mirror inner landscape changes reduce me to a dot in God’s eye but I can’t see the whole picture.
I need more time, more space, more courage…
                                    more courage….
Truth is in the expanse of existence, and yet, because we are immersed in this existence, we cannot fully comprehend the vastness of our fragile, fractal lives.
How we ARE butterfly breaths,
How we ARE absolute power
            as we shape this world;
            as shifting sun patterns shape the seasons.
Evolution changes us, we change evolution,
             spiraling, swirling, twirling to a dance
            we don’t know the next steps to.
New beauty emerges as rainstorm ceases,
as sun’s light shyly emerges,
as leaves bend, twist under weight of clinging, prismatic raindrops.
New fractal pattern….
Clashes of boundaries leave this world only-so-slightly changed.
We leave this world so-very-changed.
But all it is, is fractal evolution….