Meet Bombshell Betty!

bettyWhat’s your day job?

I work as a professional singer and own Bombshell Betty Productions. I love singing vintage music from the ’30s – ’60s and keeping the nostalgia current.

What do you love more – bowling or bowlers?


I’d have to say bowlers …
Those cute matching shirts, the excitement of a strike, and the culture – bowling, classic cars and ‘50s music!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Call me old school, but I can’t stand when someone can’t have a conversation without their smart phone in hand.

What do you never leave home without?

Seltzer! I love it – all the tiny bubbles. And it keeps me hydrated.

What is your favorite part of the fall?

Ooooooo, I can’t pick a favorite, but I love Halloween, the changing leaves and pumpkin (flavored) everything!

Tell us a secret!

Well come over here, I’ll whisper it in your ear…