Merry Cannamas, Happy Holidabs

The season of giving is nearly upon us once again, where people will be racing to and fro, to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families. With the advent of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Rhode Island, that process just got a little bit easier for people. We all have that one person who is difficult to buy for. It is also usually the person who comes to Christmas dinner with eyes of red and a giggling cousin. Now, it is easier than ever to find the perfect gift for that person. (Or for yourself if the mood strikes you.)

I recently went to the Mother Earth Wellness Dispensary in Pawtucket, and sat with their manager, Josh, to find out what new products they have to offer for the coming holiday season. They are in the middle of their “Fall into Flavor” promotion and intend to keep the deals coming into the holiday season.

“All of our products have rich terpene profiles and we have new flower products coming out such as ‘Glitter Bomb.’ We also have new extracts coming out such as our ‘Pumpkin Head Sugar.’ All of our flower is grown in-house to maintain the high quality of the product,” stated Josh.

It turns out many people come in looking for gift ideas for the smokers in their life. This gave birth to the “Doobie Card.” Which is a series of greeting cards designed by a local artist. Attached to the card is a tube that will contain a prerolled joint of your preference. This is a perfect stocking stuffer. We are indeed living in wonderful times.

There is also a full selection of topicals, tinctures, and lotions for those who are seeking to alleviate symptoms of illness. These have no psychoactive properties and are perfect for those people who have heard about the benefits of CBD but haven’t yet tried it.

In addition, they also have a comprehensive line of edibles for those who would prefer to not smoke. All extracts are taken from the flower produced there, and all edibles are made in-house as well. They have a full line of baked goods such as cookies and brownies as well as an entire line of chocolates.

“Our most popular edibles right now are our gummies,” Josh continued, “We’re also excited by our new sour gummies.”

Do you have a relative who enjoys getting high but tries to be a little more health conscious? Maybe someone that is trying to limit their sugar intake? Mother Earth has you covered there too, with their offering of cannabis nutrition bars.

If you’re not a smoker, but want to buy a gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, they have a fully-equipped and knowledgeable staff that will be able to answer all your questions and guide you toward the perfect gift. From edibles to flower to topicals, they’ve got you covered.

Maybe, you’re one of those people that prefers to avoid the hustle and bustle and would like to shop online. Maybe you don’t want to buy the actual weed, you just want to give smoking accessories to that special person on your list. In that case, visit

Cannabox offers a full selection of bongs, pipes, dab rigs, rolling papers, and many other wondrous products. In addition to their line of products, they also have a subscription service. Each month the smoker in your life can receive a box with six to eight different accessories chosen by Cannabox experts, industry leaders, and special guests.

Plans start at $34.99 a month and can be canceled at any time. Each month a parcel will be delivered full of themed surprises for that special smoker in your life. Boxes can include rolling trays, snacks, rolling papers, pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. They literally have anything the discerning smoker on your gift list could want.

The legalization of marijuana in RI has brought an entire new industry to the area. Gone are the days when you had to risk ostracism, or even incarceration, to obtain your weed. Mother Earth in particular has fostered a close relationship with the Pawtucket Police Department, who seem to be genuinely glad to have the business in their town. This relationship came to fruition as a former major of the Pawtucket Police is Mother Earth’s current head of security. The facility is a modern business whose friendliness, knowledge, and inclusivity, is a wonderful change from back in the day. Gone are the days of having to sneak around buying second rate weed from some shady character. (Not that I ever did that. Wink, wink.)

Dispensaries can be found now all across Southern New England, which will indeed make this a Merry Christmas. God bless us everyone.