On the Ball and Off the Wall: Dumb Jock

The newest celeb to join the Coronavirus Denier/Abuser Hall of Fame is star quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  (Aw shucks, lost to Vikings Sunday? So sad.)

He’s a surefire future member of a different Hall of Fame, that of the National Football League. But the NFL doesn’t base their selections on intelligence. Thank all gods for that.

Rodgers used a dodge of NFL protocols – which, to their credit, are fairly strict ­– to say he was “immunized,” when asked if he was vaccinated – essentially a lie a defense attorney could not have done better with on “Law and Order.” He further threw it in the face of the intent of the guidelines by not wearing a mask on the sidelines, when doing media appearances, or in practice.

Aaron knows best. Right. Here are some pills. Swallow them. And huddle up, boys, I want to breathe on you.

Hypocrisy has always been at the top of the list for people with brains who have not been vaccinated but act as though the law doesn’t apply to them. Despite his claims about how well his totally discredited homeopathic cure was working. (Take that, “California Psychics”!)

Rodgers is not alone in this “I’m smarter than you are” arena when it comes to cracking the whip on Covid 19 in public while adopting an “I meant you, not me” attitude.  California Governor Gavin Newsom luckily avoided being put out on the street in a recent recall vote, in which his unmasked big-time party at a chi-chi restaurant drew deserved scorn. And in England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Rasputin, Dominic Cummings, defied the hated severe lockdown by driving his family more than 200 miles to their country estate, claiming it was to help check his eyes via driving ability.

When pressed, Rodgers admitted he had consulted with his “doctor,” the renowned immunologist and swinging medical genius Joe Rogan, the despicable radio talk show host.

But as Forrest Gump’s dear Mama told him, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The worst part of Rodgers’ scenario was that he was so duplicitous in his defense. He was on the famed TV quiz game “Jeopardy” in its “celebrity” edition of the show as a self-styled, sweaty, sciences intellectual, and as a flaming egotist, Aaron also later served as a stand-in host for the late Alex Trebek as a possible replacement for the adored presenter.

Best result from that was this response from a fan on Internet:

Contestant: I’ll take “Vaccines” for $2,000.

Rodgers: I won’t.

So while Rodgers’ two-faced, lying, and totally unsubstantiated claims that treatments such as horse de-wormers were preventatives against COVID, despite his getting mild Coronavirus symptoms after his grand pronouncements, he faced only a one-game suspension and a fine that probably was equal to what he uses to tip the valet.

So who you gonna believe? A crazed quarterback TV game show host wannabe; a barking mad talk show radio host; actual infection jeopardizing one’s teammates and their families; or your lying eyes and ears?

If you embraced the first option, good luck. And they say jocks are dumb.