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Chip Young

On the Ball and Off the Wall: Noise Pollution: The most annoying illusion in sports

This column is for non-sports fans who would like some enlightenment and hopefully humor beyond being sports fanatics. Vuvuzelas! No, that doesn’t mean go eff yourself in Afrikaans. But it might as well convey that message. At the 2010 soccer World Cup finals in South Africa, vuvuzelas nearly eclipsed the play on the field. They […]

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Impact! Rudy Cheeks is the inaugural winner of Motif’s lifetime achievement award

You wouldn’t think there were many teenagers living in Pawtucket in the late 1960s who were heavily into John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk and Bob Dylan. But then again, Rudy Cheeks (nee Bruce McCrae) has always danced to his own drummer — and quite successfully — which is why he is receiving Motif’s Impact Award for his lifetime […]

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