On the Cover

On the Cover: July 2022

Gracing the midsummer edition of our magazine is a cover designed by our very own creative director, Francie Eannarino. Due to this being our annual music issue, the cover portrays a euphoric depiction of a woman listening to music, with the vibe of what she’s hearing radiating all around her. Its eye-catching composition goes deeper than aesthetics, however.

The idea for the cover comes from “the concept of music and what it means to people,” as well as her own love of music, says Eannarino. “It can be anything from something that you listen to for pleasure to a transformative experience.” On top of this, she wanted to echo the transformation sequence seen in the anime Sailor Moon, as she is a big fan of the show. After looking up the scene ourselves, we can agree that she captured its essence.

Naturally, the conversation shifted to what genres of music Eannarino listens to. She mentioned rock and alt rock, although ultimately most of what she listens to falls into the category of “stuff that can’t be classified as a single genre.” Eannarino also gave her two cents on concerts, saying shows where the artist or band interacts extensively with the audience are the best kind. We couldn’t agree more, Francie. 

As for the tranquil woman on the cover, Eannarino says she could be anyone, and that she is a woman because women are her favorite subject to draw. When asked what this woman was listening to, Eannarino smiled and simply replied “something that is changing her life.”