Publisher’s Note

For years now, I’ve been picking up Motif to find out what was happening in local theater, music, events and entertainment – as well as who’s been caught with a hand in the cookie jar by Jim Hummel, or what shows and events are coming up.

I’ve enjoyed writing Motif’s film column for the last several years, but have always been interested in doing more to work with our high-octane arts community.

I have grown deeply convinced that the depth of artistic endeavor in Rhode Island, in its many, many varied forms, far exceeds what anyone should expect from a community our size. RI has a justified national reputation in numerous areas – for achieving the highest standards in arts, from the theatrical to the culinary, the musical to the written. Yet many times these artists don’t gain the same notoriety right here in our community.


At Motif, we want to help change that – to draw attention to highlights in the creative economy, and show locals and visitors the diversity and talent RI and nearby areas have to offer. In publishing Motif, I saw an opportunity to help that cause.

In our part of the world, some amazing things are happening – and some just plain fun, interesting or challenging things.

I’m stepping into some pretty big shoes – nobody pays more attention to what’s happening in RI arts than Motif founder and outgoing editor Jim Vickers. I want to thank Jim for creating Motif and for all his advice. We’ll continue to see some of his often controversial opinion pieces in these pages. Agree with him or disagree with him (I usually do both), but he’s fun to read.

There’s a tremendous team behind Motif that’s keeping things on track as I transition into the role of your new Publisher. Please feel free to let us know what you think of any of the new features we’ll be gradually adding – we have some exciting plans for content, for a new website, and more coming up.

We’re also exploring new niches in the entertainment scene – I’m excited that this issue explores Electronic Dance Music, a genre that’s escaped mainstream notice while thriving through newer social and online media, building a sub-culture and fan base almost invisible to those not involved in that scene. RI is full of stories like this – about robust cultures secreted in the crannies of our cobbled streets!

For now, we wanted to let you know there’s been a transition, but Motif’s mission in life hasn’t changed – to celebrate the local, the different and the undiscovered treasure. So wish us luck, and enjoy!