Rob’s Album Of The Week: The Slackers

a3628845518_10Ska is a genre that has been in a bit of a crossroads over the past few years. It’s kind of in the same position punk rock was in the late 2000s, out of the limelight but still around somewhat, and there’s a dedicated fan base still packing venues to dance to the rhythms. For 25 years The Slackers from New York City have been keeping two tone alive and they’re not going away. Furthering the latter is their brand new self-titled album coming out on February 19. Bringing that trademark jazzy spin on the genre, Vic Ruggiero and crew haven’t slowed down at all since coming up from Manhattan in 1991.

The groovy sextet from The Big Apple incorporates a bit of psychedelia and garage rock in their latest release. Each track brings something different; a few are heavy with the horns while others have the keys as the base of the entire song. It definitely makes the experience a stimulating one. It’ll be difficult to grow bored while diving to this one. Ruggiero also brings that laid back soul he’s known for to keep everything timeless.

Is Ska due for the 4th Wave? Only time will tell. It’ll take a bunch of kids rejuvenating the rude boy ideal and that’s only a small part of what it’ll take. A big part of this weekly review are my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week. Open wide, take a bite, repeat and get your fill.


A haunting intro revolving around poker kicks off “The Boss.” A bit of doo-wop is present while the horns and harmonies rhythmically make the track pop into your ear drums. The keys shout in “Go Go Go” and when everyone else joins in it resonates a pleasant sound. The alto sax from Dave Hillyard adds a different dimension as well. One that’ll get your movin’ is “Pockets Of A Rich Man.” It’ll get you off your seat and you’ll start boogying in an instant.

New England ska fiends can check out The Slackers on the same day as the release of their self-titled album at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT. It’ll be the first show of this year’s tour so why not go see the band fresh out of hibernation? Whereever you see The Slackers this year, grab a copy of their new record. It’ll give you a sensation that’ll take you places.

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