Record Store Day Invades RI

It’s a day that’s a music junkie’s paradise. Each year, local record stores become hives for special releases and sometimes in-store performances, and this celebration of everything that is good in the music industry is held all over the world. Record Store Day (RSD) is happening once again on April 22: In Rhode Island, the annual event will be making its presence felt throughout the state.

Providence label Tor Johnson Records will be releasing a lathe-cut vinyl of hardcore punk act Ratstab’s RSD 2017 7-inch only available at Providence record stores Armageddon Shop and Olympic Records. “This release is about bringing the idea of Record Store Day back to its roots,” said Tor Johnson Records owner and operator Paul Dechichio. “Back when RSD started, it was a chance to get people back into brick-and-mortar stores. I wanted to put out something rad and limited enough that it would be sold out in a day, but only available at actual stores. That’s the entire belief behind this release.”

In Your Ear Records
In Your Ear Records

A few record stores will also be having live in-store performances. There’s going to be a party at In Your Ear Records on Main Street in Warren with Tiverton funk upstarts Bochek and Newport surf jazz trio The Z-Boys performing during the afternoon. The Bucket Brewery will be serving up delicious brews and lunch will be provided by Nectar De La Vida. DJ Dave, Deejay Kellan and DJ Bakeshop will also be spinning records before, after and in between acts. It promises to be a time that no one in the East Bay region should miss out on.

Over on Thayer Street in Providence, What Cheer Records & Vintage will be having live music in their store all day. A stacked lineup features banjo player Kate Mick, folk artist Allysen Callery, indie folk stalwarts The ‘Mericans (led by What Cheer co-owner Chris Daltry), dirty blues trio The Low Cards and alt-rock noisemakers Tall Teenagers. All used goods within the store will be 25% off and all new goods, except for the Record Store Day exclusives, will be 15% off. Narragansett Beer will be providing free tall boys as well. It also might be the last time anyone would be able to see an event like this at What Cheer as Chris and his wife Jennifer are planning on closing up their shop on May 31.

There’s plenty of fun going on for Record Store Day on April 22. If you’re in Rhode Island, feel free to use this article as a guide. If you’re somewhere else, make sure to head to your local record store and show your support by purchasing something good.

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