Sailing on the Infobahn – From the Publisher

Welcome to the new Motif Magazine Website.

If you’re seeing this message on the first page, then we’ve just recently launched our new, interactive Motif site.

It’s not everything we want it to be yet – far from it – but we just couldn’t hold out any longer. It’s a first step in bringing the exciting content Motif works to create to a digital screen near you.


We’re going to keep adding features. Maybe even some that you’d like. Tell us what they are, and we’ll see what we can do. This page and pretty much all the others allow comments.

That’s one of the things I’m really excited about – when you print a magazine and leave it lying around everywhere you can think of, the feedback you get is from friends and colleagues. That’s great, but we want to know what everybody reading thinks. That leads to a better paper.

What else are we excited about?

Listings. Listings, Listings – I have a lot more to say about this another day. But those friends and colleagues I mentioned – they check Motif to see what’s going on. That means events, music, film, theater… etc. And Listings of as much of it as we can find out about. A lot of RI runs based on who ya know – and too many events are only accessible if you’ve asked the right person. If we can, we want to list them ALL. Our intrepid team of interns and researchers has started working toward that.

More content – being online is going to let us explore less commercially appealing artistic niches that are still interesting, and sometimes really cool. Or strange.

Interactivity – now, if you like something, you can share it, forward it, pin it and do other digital things that sound vaguely naughty with it. Please do.

Thanks for reading. As with most new things, we expect to make a lot of mistakes here. Please be patient with us, and hopefully we will also make some glorious non-mistakes.  We hope you enjoy the ride.