Something Special: A cozy dinner for two without leaving the house

Clam Chowdah from Bites by Bre

“Date Night, Delivered.” 

This is what Bre Goldsmith, owner of Bites By Bre, advertises when she posts each week’s soul-hugging menu items on Instagram. (She prefers the term “soul-hugging” to “comfort food” because we need an extra bit of love right now.) If you opt in, you get a three-course meal for Friday night, plus flowers(!), for only $38 per person. It’s the perfect quarantine date, both for people who are sheltering in place together or those who simply wish to have a virtual dinner.

Prior to COVID-19, Bites By Bre was both a meal delivery service and a restaurant space. She had recently opened for “In the Round” dinners, an enchanting multi-course meal offered exclusively on Friday nights, with a new menu each week. That’s what she hopes to continue in the midst of quarantine: “To cook with love, wild abandon for flavor mashups, and artful respect for the comfort foods that make us feel whole.”  

Take, for instance, a recent April menu: a smoky chorizo and “clam chowdah” sourced by Andrade’s Catch chicken cacciatore with Baffoni Farms chicken (and copious amounts of booze) and sticky Malva dessert pudding topped with coffee milk sauce a lá Dave’s

Best of all, Bre is the kind of person who will make your experience special, even if it’s from a contactless distance. “You can feed a guest, and you can nourish a community,” she says, “and we’re trying to do both.”  

Visit @BitesByBre (on Instagram) for links to dinner dates. If opting for pick-up: 11 Aleppo St; For meal delivery service:


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