Stop, Rock and Roll: Chronicling recent local releases

Hello, Motif readers! My name is Jack Downey, and I’m a student at Providence College, a musician, and a former Motif intern. Since I was in high school, I have fully immersed myself in the nearest local music scene, first in the South Shore of Massachusetts, then in Providence. Both music and writing have been my passion since I was young, so I’m very pleased to present my new monthly column: Stop, Rock, and Roll! In each edition, I’ll be listing five new songs released by RI-based bands that I think you all should check out. So, without further ado, here is the inaugural list!

Plastyc Peachez – “Fungi Fieri”

This track kicks off the band’s debut EP, Peach Bumz, with a bang. Featuring vocals that walk the line between Tom Delonge and Dave Grohl, punchy verses followed by spacious choruses, Van Halen-esque harmonics, and a surprising number of bass solos, the song fits quite a lot into its three and a half minute runtime.


The Keegan Turner Band – “Still Burning”

Keegan Turner and his band mix 60’s era pop with modern indie rock on their latest single. Jangling, crunchy guitars blend with resonant bass, skillful drumming, and soaring vocal harmonies as the lyrics detail a love that hasn’t gone down with the summer sun. Their next EP, Promises, releases in January.

Smug Honey – “Yesterday Friend”

From its opening notes, “Yesterday Friend” carries the listener to a tropical beach at the height of summer. Jazzy keys are sprinkled over relaxed guitar, bass, and drums, with dusky horns joining the mix soon after. How a song manages to sound so loose yet feel so tight is a mystery, but the groovy quartet has managed it effortlessly here.

Appala’s Eclipse – “Out My Window”

Having made some serious waves in the past year, Appala’s Eclipse capitalize on the hype with their debut single. The song swaggers with a bluesy feel, yet deftly avoids cliche and stands out in a genre that can easily become tired. The remarkable talent of each musician is also on full display here.

Art Slob – “Who? If Not You?”

One of RI’s most prolific artists continues to get better, including his new album, The Edges of Your Face. This song in particular stands out due to its plaintive vocals, oftentimes woven seamlessly in beautiful harmonies, and its somber electric piano. The lyrics are poetic, and each word aches in a different way.