Stars and Mood

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Life has seemed tough lately and people seem more frustrated than usual. It feels like the world is off-kilter and in need of help. This got me thinking about the role astrology may have in the world feeling off its axis. Not knowing much about the subject, I reached out to astrologer Jessica Puleo of Your Divine Astrology to ask her about the stars and their importance to current events and moods.

Bobby Forand (Motif): How does astrology impact peoples’ moods (both positively and negatively)? What can people expect?

Jessica Puleo: Astrology impacts our moods daily, whether we are aware of this or not. Each planet is a unique frequency that is continuously emitting energies that impact our lives and the planet. 

For example, the moon is moving and shifting signs every two days, and depending on your personal chart and what planets are currently making aspects to it, gives insight into which areas of your life are being impacted.

Some alignments are more harmonious and easygoing than others. If the aspects are in hard alignments, it can create different challenges to overcome and opportunities for change and growth. 

BF: Is astrology a cycle? If so, what are certain dates or Moon phases people should pay attention to? What’s meant by: “Mercury in retrograde?” What’s the impact? Are there other similar situations people should be aware of?

JP: Astrology, like many things in life, is cyclical. All the planets are ebbing and flowing. Every two weeks we either have a full moon or a new moon which are powerful cycles affecting our moods and emotions. Especially when we have eclipses,  which can spark major changes in our lives. 

Every three months we experience Mercury retrograde, which we are just coming out of, along with Venus retrograde every 18 months, Mars every 26 months, Jupiter every nine months, Saturn once each year for four months, Uranus every year for five months, Neptune every year for half the year, and Pluto every year for five to six months. 

In October we will enter eclipse season for the fall and in February 2024, all planets will be direct which means: GO time! With obstacles removed, there’ll be a smoother path toward manifesting our goals and desires. 

Mercury goes retrograde every three months. What does that mean? The planet is moving slower and seems to go backward. Every retrograde brings themes of the past back into our lives. People, old and unresolved problems and traumas, and situations we need to pay attention to, to heal, resolve, and move forward from.

Mercury being the planet of communication also brings challenges with technology, travel, computers, cell phones, mis-communications and all sorts of delays, when in retrograde. 

It’s best not to push things that are not flowing or make any really big decisions during these times, as there’s more of a chance of encountering many revisions, re-evaluations and re-negotiations. 

Retrogrades are not to be feared. They’re cycles to flow with, a time of surrender, trusting the timing of the universe and going within; slowing down making time for self-reflection and self-care. 

BF: Why should people take astrology seriously? Why is it important? How can they use astrology to positively impact their mental health?

JP: I feel we should all take astrology more seriously because it can help you understand and connect to yourself and others on a much deeper level. When we learn about ourselves and our patterns, our shadows (the parts of ourselves that we’ve rejected), astrology is a tool we can use to heal ourselves, which in return will help heal the planet. 

Knowing what time you were born and knowing where the planets are in your personal natal chart is a good place to start. 

BF: Climate change has taken its toll on many regions throughout the world. Are there changes to astrology and if so, is it similar to climate change? What can people do to combat this?

JP: I truly believe that the planet’s energies are affecting our bodies and also planet Earth. We’ve had the planet Uranus which is known for abrupt sudden change in the earth goddess sign of Taurus since March 2019 and going until April 2026. We’ve already been witnessing and experiencing the effects of this around the world. Floods, fires, earthquakes, and many disasters have been occurring and will continue. 
I’m looking forward to seeing some positive revolutionary progress and technology with Pluto moving into Aquarius, also ruled by Uranus and technology. There are many of us coming together in the community to initiate positive change to help our planet and Mother Earth. 

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