Subterranean Jungle: Dandy in the Underworld

Patsy Decline – Self-Titled (75orLess Records)

Patsy Decline is composed of Ray Memery, George Sullivan, Jack McKenna, and Bill Gorman – veterans of some pretty legendary bands including Backwash, Mother Jefferson, Von Doom, and Ether. Patsy Decline sounds like members of Television and Wire started a tribute band to the indie days of R.E.M.. I like the pep on “Modern World” but appreciate the protagonist losing it at the end of “Let Nature Run Its Course.” The eerie “Behind Closed Doors” and “Ex Lion Tamer” are my favorite jams on this biscuit. Patsy Decline’s  self-titled album is now available on vinyl, digital download, and on CD through Bandcamp and 75orLess Records.  

Wire Lines – The Tragic History of the Sea


Wire Lines come out swinging like they’re trying to resuscitate the heartbeat of 80’s hardcore with “All Purpose Cleaner.”  “I Never Signed Up For This” with its desperate deal with the Devil chorus reminds me of Black Flag outtake (are we sure it is not?) I like the eerie change of pace of “Eels” which darkens the ambiance of vocalist Kevin Grant’s lyrics. Wire Lines pull off a hell of a feat covering Pixies’ “Gouge Away” without losing the disturbing undercurrent or classic chorus. My favorite is “Like A Cat” which is an infectious oddball in this storm. The Tragic History of the Sea is also available on vinyl and digital download on Wire Lines Bandcamp page.  

Coming Attractions:


Minibeast lead the charge on this locomotive of local music. Minibeast are like mad scientists conjuring up an asteroid of noise that could save — or end — the world, it’s too close to call.   There’s a lot of heavy riffs and black market swagger on this banger of a show. It’s awesome to see a night of local bands happening at The Met too!

Minibeast, Pocket Rocket, Brown Apples, Miracle Blood, and Older Brother rock The Met on March 28.

The English Beat

The English Beat came out of the second wave of UK ska (which apparently is never going to end) in the late ’70s. The English Beat blended R&B and ska packing venues for 40 years and counting. The coolest English Beat show I saw was a Save The Bay benefit in the Foundry Complex by the old Living Room. The building was gutted at the time which made it all the more weird to have a fancy fundraiser featuring a legendary band. The English Beat sounded great then and sound great now as I caught them last year at the Greenwich Odeum, so get down to The Met and skank the night away!

The English Beat and DJ Greenwood Hi-Fi will get The Met skankin’ on April 4.  

A Night of Tributes

This show is headlined by the Blondeshells: A Tribute to Blondie, which I’m guessing by the elongated name isn’t a local band. I love this show because it features the music of Blondie, Thin Lizzy, and Alice in Chains. It’s like winning three times in a row at Keno!  

A Night of Tributes featuring performances by Blondeshells: A Tribute to Blondie, Thin Frizzy, and Malice in Chains rock Alchemy on April 4.  

Nirvana Night

This must be tribute week because two days later Wes’ Rib House will host a tribute to Nirvana featuring a performance by Kissing Kontest, who reminds me of a new wave band making their own versions of Ramones songs on a keyboard. It should be cool to hear them play along with Lady Purge who’ll wrap her electronic nightmares around Kurt Cobain’s dreams. Sourpunch and Malice in Chains will also perform and probably be more conventional rocking versions but who really knows? There is only one way to find out. 

Nirvana Night featuring performances by Kissing Kontest, Lady Purge, Sourpunch, Matt & Alan of Passionplay, Brown Apples & Friends, Malice in Chains, Dawn Cabral and more will go down Wes’ Rib House on April 6.  

Graham Parker

Graham Parker emerged as part of the ’70s English punk wave that spawned singer-songwriters like Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Andy Partridge, and Paul Weller. Parker and his band Grand Parker & The Rumour captured the energy of punk and packed it with R&B grooves. Parker is solo for this show but fear not, I caught him a few years ago and he was amazing performing and telling stories. Don’t miss local legend Mark Cutler who’ll kick off the festivities.    

Graham Parker and Mark Cutler rock The Met on April 10.  

R.I.P. Bob St. John – aka Bob Gringo aka Bob Bitter – Love & Light

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