Subterranean Jungle: Getting in the October mindspace

Allysen Callery & Mother Bear – Witch’s Hand
Witch’s Hand is an alluring collaboration between local ghost folk maestro Allysen Callery and German doom rockers Mother Bear. Some tunes like the absolute goth folk banger “I’m Not Scared of the Dark” and the title track have Callery in front on vocals/acoustic guitar with Mother Bear’s Myles Baer accompanying her on electric guitar. “Beautiful Teeth” is Mother Bear covering a Callery original by completely destroying and resurrecting it as fiery doom rock. “Death Skull” hauntingly melds Callery’s folk with Mother Bear’s fuzz to create an eerie soundscape for hollow bones. “Consuming Rite” is straight-out stoner rock with Mother Bear taking the lead accompanied by Callery. Witch’s Hand is the perfect primer to get into the groove for the spooky season ahead!

Public Image Ltd – End of World (Cargo Records)
In the eight years since the last record from Public Image Ltd (PiL), more than a few times it seemed like things were on the brink, so aptly titled End of World seems appropriate. This bizarre and mostly interesting record starts off with “Penge” which sounds like a futuristic sea shanty about a nefarious captain who steals children to save them from their parents. “Car Chase” is a rollicking, dancy number in the vein of Metal Box-era PiL as singer John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon sings about someone who escapes an asylum on weekends. “Being Stupid Again” is Lydon firing back at criticism he’s gotten for his Trump leanings and at the shallowness of slogan activism. It’s pretty catchy and probably the only song to mockingly have a chorus of “ban the bomb, save the whale, give peace a chance.” He also ends it by taking a stand against student loan forgiveness – total punk rock, man!? Lydon saves some of his best insults for his former Sex Pistols bandmates and Danny Boyle, the director of mini-series-based guitarist Steve Jones’s autobiography, Pistol. Lydon unsuccessfully sued to try and stop the show which is weird because Lydon came off better than anyone else in the band. The tune in question is “L F C F (Liars Fakers Cheats and Frauds)” where Lydon reaches back for the same vitriol that fueled “Anarchy in the UK,” but this time is directed toward his bandmate selling his book to Disney. It’s kind of awesome, actually. At its best, End of World is a hoot of a dance record with weird narratives.


Gabriela Rassi – Bent
The first solo album from Gabriela Rassi came about partly due to downtime during COVID when she took a deep dive to pick up the electric guitar and find her voice through it. Already a veteran of the music scene from playing bass with Silverteeth, Rassi started taking lessons on guitar as well as experimenting with new tunings and pedals to find her own sound. The guitar on the infectious “I Know” (my favorite) and the title track sounds somewhere between ’90s shoegaze and ’80s post-punk, without sounding like either. Rassi’s vocals are so lively and rich on tracks like “Diamond” and “Little Moon” that it’s tough to believe this is her first time fronting a band. On “Boa Noite Amor” the rhythm section of Bradford Krieger (bass) and Bill Bartholomew (drums) make the song sound like a stripped down trip-hop hardcore song. I love Bent because it’s got great jams dolled up like striking sonic textures.

Coming Attractions

Low Cut Connie
This may be the show of the fall as this Philly band harnesses the magic of Springsteen bar rock, Motown soul, and the energy of hardcore to deliver mesmerizing performances. Low Cut Connie has a new EP out called King of the Jews featuring the fantastic “Are You Gonna Run,” as well as a new full-length, Art Dealers, due out before this show. Don’t miss this one!
Low Cut Connie and Fantastic Cat will rock the Met Café in Pawtucket on Sep 14.

Dinosaur Jr.
That Dinosaur Jr. is the same night as Low Cut Connie just proves that God just doesn’t like me. I’ve been listening to Dinosaur Jr. for over 30 years – they’re definitely in my top 15 to 20 all-time bands. Singer/Guitarist J. Mascis is like the Gandalf of indie guitar swing in both looks and sonic sorcery, which seems to get louder by the year. Their last album, Sweep It into Space, is one of their best – check it out if you haven’t!
Dinosaur Jr. will electrify The Strand Theatre in Providence on Sep 14.

The Silks
The Silks live is just one big dance party as they hit you with banger after banger. The foundation of their sound is blues but there is a hearty dose of early ’70s rock to get the room boogieing.
The Silks and Gleason Drift kick out the jams at the Met Café on Sep 15.

Henry Rollins: Good To See You
The ex-Black Flag/Rollins Band frontman-turned-oddball standup comic and commentator, Henry Rollins always has some stories to tell. I’ve seen Rollins do his act three or four times and it is completely different, other than maybe expressing his admiration for Iggy Pop, each time. He’s always entertaining and has fresh stories from his travels.
Henry Rollins brings his ever-entertaining stage show to the Narrows Center for the Performing Arts in Fall River on Sep 26.

More Rad Incoming

The Dust Ruffles, The X-Tet, Eclectic Electric bring the tunes to The Parlour in PVD on Sep 16.

Lita Ford will rock the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich on Sep 17.

Ancient Death, DNR, DBB, Churchburn, and New Hell get heavy at Dusk, the home for the heaviest rock & roll, on Sep 23.

Bad Manners, Out of Control Army, and Euphoralites bring the ska to Alchemy on Sep 24.

Helmet and Soul Blind keep the dream of the nineties rocking at the Met Café on Sep 29.

Macy Gray & The California Jet Club bring the smooth jams to the Greenwich Odeum on
Oct 1.

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