Swiper, No Swiping!: Local entrepreneur to engage local singles in face-to-face meet-cute moments

Anyone who has tried to jam their whole being into a thoughtfully crafted profile with six photos that show a well-rounded human being knows how it feels to put faith in the internet to make our search for a date faster, better, easier. What starts as a game-like app can turn us into brainlessly swiping automatons. We might begin to feel defeated and slightly jaded as we stare at disposable profiles, failing to recognize the person behind them. We want to connect. But we aren’t. 

That’s why 32-year-old entrepreneur and bachelorette Yosefa Kornwitz is trying to claw her way out of Tinder burnout by helping singles get off the internet and join her for alternative speed dating. She plans to provide a bi-monthly event at local bars where alternative singles in the Providence area — including her! — can meet. “I want it to be fun,” she told me during a recent conversation. Kornwitz plans to have an engaging host to entertain and help ease nervous participants. The event format will include dates and non-cringey games. And when the formal event ends, participants can stay and enjoy the hosting venue while Kornwitz sends emails out reporting who matched. Matching is anonymous and discreet. If you want to give someone your information, she will pass it along and if you don’t want to give anyone your information, that’s okay too.   

The virtual date will never replace the physical date. Kornwitz told stories of meeting someone virtually, spending countless days, nights and work breaks talking and texting only to meet in person and know instantly it wasn’t meant to be. Unless we engage all of our senses when meeting someone new, we will never truly know if there’s some spark of something worth pursuing.

“My soulmate is probably out there somewhere doing the exact same thing as me: eating popcorn and watching ‘The Office’ on Netflix,” Kornwitz said. “I need to spiritually magnetize him to come to an event!” 

Watch this space for news about Yosefa Kornwitz’s alternative speed dating events, which will come to PVD in the near future.