Up Close on Hope’s First Installment Delights Audiences

Festival Ballet Providence opens its 37th season with the first installment of Up Close On Hope, a dance series presented in the company’s Hope Street studio. While not as demanding as past programs — the classical numbers do not deliver the usual knock-out punch — the near sell-out crowd of FBP diehards is not disappointed. […]

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The Busy World Is Hushed

The Busy World Is Hushed, being performed by Epic Theatre Company, is a thought-provoking and at times heartbreaking examination of faith and religion. The most remarkable quality of Keith Bunin’s play is its deft balance of comedy and drama in telling a story about tortured characters. Hannah (Mary Paolino) is an Episcopalian minister who discovers […]

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Ellemosynary: Love Isn’t Easy

Ellemosynary, now playing downstage at 2nd Story Theatre, is a one-act play about the relationships between the Westbrook women. Echo (Valerie Westgate) is a champion speller who adores her grandmother Dorothea (Isabel O’Donnell). Artemis (Sharon Carpentier) is Echo’s mother and Dorothea’s daughter. Ellemosynary, which means charitable, is about women who try to be loving toward […]

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Metamorphoses: Love Is the Moral

He’s King Midas with a curse He’s King Midas in reverse -Graham Nash Like Ovid’s original collection of myths, Mary Zimmerman’s beautifully elegiac Metamorphoses defies categorization. Zimmerman’s series of transformative tales are presented in something of a Reader’s Theater style, but to pigeonhole the work into so narrow a definition is to do the play […]

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I Pity the Foo Who Misses Foo Fest

Taking over Providence and AS220 is the 18th annual Foo Fest. Saturday August 9, Empire Street will be turned into a summer block party with 12 hours of music, alternative art, performances, kid-friendly activities and plenty of food and drinks. Foo Fest highlights the creative and cultural scene that Providence has to offer, showcasing DIY […]

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