Worldwide Movie Culture Returns At This Year’s Rhode Island International Film Festival

Entering its 18th year since its founding by George T. Marshall, the founder of the Flicker Arts Collaborate, RIIFF has become a focal point of international films by everyone from up-and-coming filmmakers to highly seasoned actors and directors. Between August 5 and 10 this year, roughly 270 films will be shown including Flavio Alves’ Tom In America, Marcelo Mitnik’s En las nubes (In the […]

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Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner – Food on a truck, man!

Beautiful late spring weather favored the crowds sampling the diner fare from the iconic truck parked in front of the Columbus Theatre on Broadway early in the evening of Saturday, June 7, at the Providence premiere of Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner, the directorial debut of independent Rhode Island film maker Jeff Toste. […]

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Watching ‘Matty Christian’

Follow Matty Christian as he learns to “navigate the world” I wasn’t expecting to like this film. The people involved I knew to be competent, consummate, creative professionals. But I don’t like my heartstrings to be rigorously jerked. Maybe a little jerking, after a slow, gentle warm-up – but I’ve never responded well to films […]

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