The New Deli on the Block: Maven’s is Making Mouths Water in Providence

If the aroma of freshly baked bagels and warm pastrami on rye doesn’t immediately transport you to the classic Jewish delis of yesteryear, one step inside Maven’s Delicatessen surely will. This vibrant new restaurant on the Providence/Pawtucket line is dishing up nostalgic deli favorites with a modern twist that has locals drooling.

From the moment you enter Maven’s convivial and lively atmosphere, founder Jason Sugarman wants you to be surrounded by comforting smells and flavors that connect you to cherished memories while making new ones. Whether you’re a deli devotee or a newcomer to this cuisine, Sugarman’s goal is for Maven’s to become a community favorite by serving up diner-style fun alongside exceptional Jewish comfort foods.


Maven’s is paying homage to the great delis of the past and looking to the future by putting its own creative spin on things. The aim is for Maven’s to be a place that celebrates tradition while creating new memories and menu items that could become future classics. The founders want it to be a welcoming spot where diners can enjoy familiar favorites or be introduced to deli cuisine for the first time.

The menu is a love letter to the hallmarks of deli culture – from the plump, savory matzo ball soup to the stuffed cabbage, brisket platters, and supersized sandwiches piled high with premium corned beef, pastrami, tongue, and chopped liver. When it comes to the meat, Sugarman aims for that sweet spot – not too much fat, but not too little either, since that’s where the real flavor comes from. For those who like it extra juicy and rich, the pastrami is best ordered on the fattier side.

While the meats are a draw, the must-try items go far beyond just the deli counter. Executive Baker Scott Taylor’s baked goods like pillowy bagels, rainbow cookies, black and whites, creamy cheesecake, and his signature carrot cake are dessert table standouts. That iconic carrot cake is Taylor’s personal favorite that he could eat every day.

The deli case showcases other tasty throwbacks like crispy knishes, kugels, and Jewish artisanal specialties sourced from beloved makers across the country. Grabbing a few deli containers piled high with these delicacies instantly transports you to the sights and smells of the old-school delis and appetizing shops of New York’s Lower East Side.

While honoring those deli classics, Maven’s also ensures there is room for creativity from the team’s talented chefs. Culinary Director Jaime D’Oliveira’s beet salad, fusing his French and Portuguese roots with Jewish deli tradition, has quickly become an early menu favorite. More innovative offerings are in the works too, like “meal in a box” packages perfect for takeout, Shabbat, and other holidays.

The ethos is to respect and reinvigorate the flavors and traditions that delis were built on while also giving the chefs the freedom to get creative with fun, new items. There aims to be something for every diner – whether they are craving the cozy familiarity of a hot pastrami on rye or are excited to experience the cuisine for the first time.

No matter what ends up on your plate, one thing is certain – the food at Maven’s is deliciously delectable and dished out with warmth and hospitality. The founders’ passion for reviving and updating the deli experience is evident from the first whiff of chicken soup broth to those last bites of chocolate babka.

This new addition to the local dining scene is quickly becoming a new taste of tradition for Providence. Nostalgic noshers and adventurous eaters alike are flocking to Maven’s to enjoy classic comforts and discover inventive favorites-in-the-making in an environment that’s as vibrant and welcoming as the food is mouthwatering. One visit will undoubtedly leave you plotting your return while lingering over that last sugary bite of black and white cookie.

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