The Sun Rises on a New Day

SunriseMovementLogoThe Sunrise Movement is a national organization made up of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 fighting to stop climate change and create new jobs in the process. I recently spoke with a member of RI’s local chapter, Lauren Maunus, about the organization and its goals.

“We are trying to both change the political common sense around who is responsible for the climate crisis and expose the corruption of our politics. We want to show who to blame and show how each of us will experience the impact of climate change as our generation faces the consequences of lawmakers’ decisions.”

The organization approaches its goals in a couple of different ways. “Our strategy is to build people power and political power,” said Maunus. “We aim to mobilize millions of young people who share a common fear and anger, as well as the hope that we can create change.”



Phone banking, canvassing and talking to neighbors are part of their strategy. “We’re also not afraid to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience when we need to,” Maunus said. “We go all in to fight this and we need our leaders to take this as seriously as we do.”


To become part of Sunrise RI, check out their Facebook page ( and attend one of their meetings. Also, keep an eye out for a big event coming this spring that will tie in to the national movement.