Theo Martins’ ‘Wonderland’ at the PVD Social Club

By Tyler Curry

A bright light shined on Theo Martins as he graced the stage, at the PVD Social Club, Friday night. The native Rhode Island lyricist delivered an energetic performance with songs from his debut album, “Wonderland.” He kept the crowd engaged with an introspective, musical chronicle of life experience, and an energy that matched the alternative venue.

The tone of the night – Underground. The music was an alternative hip-hop medley of vibration, which matched the industrial chic surroundings of the PVD Social Club’s décor. The crowd moved freely to Martins’ “Wonderland ” single, “KILLER,” and listened diligently to a melody sung by Maryann Vazquez.  The two were a well-off duo that kept the crowd wanting more.

The PVD Social Club was the first stop of many to come on Martins’ “Wonderland” world tour. Martins explained future performances will continue to draw from “80’s and 90’s pop culture” to build an audience experience similar to a “vintage video game”. You can check out Martins’ tour at to learn more about future events and get a deeper look inside of the artist’s “Wonderland.”

Photo Credit: Hensley Carrasco (@Sir_Hensley on Twitter)

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