Traitorade: The brew that gives a whole new meaning to sour beer

It could be argued that NOTHING has been the same since Tom Brady made his infamous move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New England fans have been sour since Brady signed to the Florida team back in March, and Smug Brewing of Pawtucket has released a beer that perfectly encapsulates their feelings. 

Traitorade is the latest 7% ABV Key Lime Sour beer from Smug. The flavor profile is sour with a hint of saltiness, derived from Florida’s key limes. Of course this hilarious creation pokes direct fun at the former Patriots players (including Rob Gronkowski, who also signed to the Tampa team in April); however, the brewery notes on their Instagram account: “Remember, it is just a joke. We love our former Patriots players.”

Every New Englander has to hang it up and retire to Florida sometime, right? 

Traitorade is available to order for pick up at smugbrewing.com