Album Of The Week: The Lesser-Known Tristan Omand

a1733291054_16The beauty of folk music shows in the stories being told through poetic lyrics and the strums from an acoustic six string. A singer-songwriter from Manchester, New Hampshire who will invade your soul with an infectious croon, Tristan Omand is one of the best solo artists in New England. It shows with his brand new album The Lesser-Known Tristan Omand, a continuation of material that examines darkness, humor, wisdom, wit and tales of offbeat characters. There’s no drums, no keys and no pizzaz. Just Omand with his guitar and that’s all he needs to make this album simply amazing.

Brian Coombes at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, New Hampshire handled the recording, mixing and production while Dave Locke mastered the record at JP Masters in Boston. The audial quality is impeccable with Omand’s voice shining through over the rustic tone of his guitar. Everything seems pretty organic with nothing making it sound out of the ordinary. It captures Omand’s essence of his live performance, which is something that every musician strives for when they make an album.

What really makes Omand’s music special are the stories that come with it. His songs put images in your head and take listeners on a voyage. To get more into his storytelling, check out my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:

“Welcome To Lonely Lanes” kicks off the album with a story about bowling and drinking on a Tuesday night and stumbling on home after a few too many. With a little bit of twang and a vintage feel “Devil Don’t Want Me Blues” has Omand singing about staying original and not being a copycat. The way he strums his guitar adds a bit of roughness as well. The harmonica on “Old Straight Six” adds a distinct dimension that stands out from the other tracks on the album.

Omand will be celebrating the release of his new album at The Stone Church Meeting House on April 16 in Newmarket, New Hampshire, with Boston musician Dan Blakeslee and Columbus, Ohio, artist Whetherman. While you’re at the show, pick up a copy of The Lesser-Known Tristan Omand. It’ll tell you some stories that’ll stay with you and you’ll want to hear them over and over again.

Stream The Lesser-Known Tristan Omand on Bandcamp:; Tristan Omand’s Website: