Wash it Away: A shower beer is relaxing and enhances creativity

The new year always seems to be a time of self awareness and rediscovery as many of us look for ways to improve our performance as human beings. January is a month of crowded gyms and empty restaurants. Produce sections are littered with dieters as green as the kale they’re wondering how to cook, and the customarily zen yogis are battling for a spot to put down their mat. 

As a casual participant of the “new year, new me” trend, I have searched high and low for an alternate way to better myself in 2020 and it starts in a familiar place: the shower. 

The shower is a place where we’ve all done our fair share of ruminating. I, for one, have had plenty of ideas come to fruition somewhere between shampoo and conditioner — this article included. When I was asked to write a beer article that would fit a self-care theme, the notion seemed a bit ironic. But there’s nothing ironic about the peaceful bubbly feeling a great beer can bring after a long hard day of work. Combine that ice cold beer with a lava hot shower, and you’ve got the recipe for a feel-good experience that could definitely be considered self-care. There’s even a bit of science to back it up. 


According to Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates when interviewed by Fatherly magazine, “The shower beer is actually a great way to improve productivity and creativity.” Hollingsworth says drinking alcohol releases endorphins, and having a drink a day can assist in relaxation, which, in turn, can lead to greater levels of productivity. He adds, “The extra release of dopamine from the shower, added with the initial benefits of the ‘one drink a day’ philosophy, can actually help reduce stress a lot.” 

Once I learned that my drinking habit was endorsed by doctors, (okay, just that one doctor) I searched the web for a way to make my shower beer experience even more convenient. I found a company called Brümate that sells signature “Hopsulators” — triple insulated stainless steel koozies that will keep your beer cooler far longer than even your longest shower. 

I’ve even asked a few local brewers for their take on this concept, and for recommendations on which of their beers would be the best to enjoy in the shower.

Morgan Snyder of Buttonwoods Brewery says, “Our go-to shower beer is definitely one of our 12oz lager cans. Right now we’re pounding our Helles. Just the right size to drink for a quick shower, too!”

Beer On Earth’s Adam Henderson makes this recommendation: “Our favorite shower beer is our West Fountain St. Pilsner! At 5.3% ABV, this lager is crisp and crushable, perfect for a relaxing shower after a long day of work! West Fountain St. has enough bite and flavor to make you forget your shitty day at work, but is light and approachable so it won’t interfere with your daily shower routines and rituals! As soon as you get out, you’ll be reaching for another!”

Chip Samson of Shaidzon Beer Co. says, “Buffalo Czech Pilsner is the BEST shower beer! It’s a nice, light crisp classic based on the popular Czech style. It’s low ABV at 5.2%, so you can sip without slip risk in the shower. It’s clean as they come, which fits with the theme of being in the shower while you enjoy it!”

Matthew Gray of Ragged Island Brewing Company thinks “our Surfer’s End IPA is the ideal shower beer in our lineup. With a 6.5% ABV it is on the lighter side of the beers we produce, and it has all of the tropical juices that make you happy in a warm shower!”

Emily Sorlien of Whalers Brewing Company has this to say: “Aroma therapy can be a great way to unwind in or out of the shower! Crack open a fresh, cold can of Rise and let the warm, sweet notes of citrus wend their way through your olfactory system. Our crisp, refreshing American Pale Ale is heavily dry hopped with Citra to give it that fantastic aroma. At 5.5% ABV, this sessionable brew features great flavor and low to medium bitterness, making it the perfect beer to enjoy in your shower after a long day!”