Sojourn for the Vulnerable


Sojourner House started as a women’s shelter, but has expanded in recent years. One of its newest programs is aimed at LGBTQ+ populations. They have three shelters, one for female identifying and gender non-conforming victims of domestic violence, one for male identifying and gender nonconforming victims of domestic violence and human trafficking (and their children), and a third one dedicated to female identifying and gender non-conforming victims of human trafficking.

Walk-in advocacy is available at their Drop-In Center at 386 Smith St, PVD. They have free and confidential HIV testing, and Sojourner House is always willing to travel to any business or organization in RI to perform testing. They have two free support groups, one for LGBTQ+ survivors that meet Thursday, 1 to 2pm, at their drop in center, and a male identifying survivor support group that meets the same day and place from 3 to 4p.


Sojourner House also provides domestic violence and LGTBQ+ advocacy to any businesses or organizations that request it, and just last year completed training the Providence Police Department. In 2018 Sojourner House was one of three agencies nationwide that received a national award, the Mary Byron Award, for their LGTBQ+ program.